The Anxious 5 Year Old: Boo-Boos You Can't Kiss

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Keep on Keepin' On!

Hey, hey friends! :) Welcome to my last installment of the Inspiration to Fitness series! It's been an adventure and I can't believe it's already been seven weeks since I started this whole, crazy (and mostly new) adventure! It's been a fun adventure that has stretched me and taught much more than I thought it would....more
It is so important to prepare and not overdo it in the begining, to avoid muscle sprains and ...more

Raspberry Ketone, does it really work? I am going to find out!

My head is spinning from watching Dr Oz! Can Raspberry Ketone supplements really help me lose those extra pounds that I can’t seem to leave behind? Oh, they are on my backside! Are you confused about what to eat, which supplements to take or do you really need to be taking supplements. And is coconut oil really good for you?  Well I am confused, and after watching the Dr. Oz show I have decided to try out some of Dr Oz’s recommendations and figure out what works for me. ...more
Ant it doesnt cost you $700 year unless if you totally get scammed.more

7 Things Every Happy Heart Knows

We've been giving special attention to heart health this month. Last week we spoke with Dr. Herbert Insel, clinical instructor in medicine at New York University School of Medicine and senior cardiologist at EHE International, to get you a quick overview of how to improve your chances. ...more

The End Has Come.

Be sure to check out my very last review and giveaway from Best Buy, the Epione Beauty Brush.  This little gadget is a cordless facial/body brush that gently scrubs away makeup and other impurities. It also “massages the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”  Not bad in my book!...more

Health is Wealth series: Zumba, zumba, two left feet

The first class I attended at the YMCA was a Zumba class.  The concept was basically to party.  The gymnasium at the YMCA was packed.  I'd say that was pretty good for a party at 5:35pm on a Tuesday night.The music came on.  Upbeat, Latin dancing party music.  The two instructors moved non-stop for almost an hour.  It was constant, but fun lively energy, not exhausting drill Sergent routines....more

Turning 50 - Looking and Feeling Great!

As I age I notice that I do not exercise the way I used to. For one thing, I no longer care as much about the latest fitness trend. I still enjoy the social sports like golf and enjoy swimming, yoga and skiing when I can. The reality is that none of these are consistent. I have never been a runner and quite frankly it hurts my feet, knees and back. So, my regular exercise regimen simplyconsists of walking almost everyday. I do anywhere from two to five miles. Here is a short video on products I love that help me look and feel great as I exercise: ...more

Help For A Plateau

 Think you have hit a plateau?...more

I Want to Keep Going!

Health journal: this is week 7 of BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness program and our last official meeting. Are you sad? I am a little, but you are probably sick of me going on about my failures of the previous week.. :) ...more
keep trucking! keep up that dedication :)   http://www.runonorganic.wordpress.commore

My No Fun Workout