When Emotional Eating Is Not An Option

I've been fortunate enough to have had very little stress in my life over the last three years. That's not to say there haven't been difficult times, but overall my daily life is mercifully low-maintenance. That is, until a few months ago. ...more

I struggle with emotional eating and am right in the middle of trying to conquer the demon. ...more

Health In The Empty Nest

When you finally hit the age of having an empty nest, does the warranty on your body run out?  It sure seems that way. A sore back is no longer just a sore back.  Now it requires physical therapy, nerve blocks, etc.  Being a woman now means more than just a miserable week out of the month.  Now it's yearly mammograms, hormone replacement, special pajamas made for hot flashes, and the list goes on....more

Alone vs Lonely (Part II)

While writing "All Alone" earlier this week, my fingers actually kept tap-tap-tapping away. And I looked up, and the sun had not only set, it was pitch dark outside. And a whole story had poured out. The post was so long I had to chop it in half, wrap up my thoughts and finish it in this post. ...more

Staying Healthy on Your Lunch Break

Summer time is definitely busy! All the stress of the season can leave you choosing unhealthy options, especially at work. You're probably tired and stressed come break time, so you're more likely to satisfy some unhealthy craving to calm your stress levels. However, if you follow these easy 5 tips, you're sure to be reaching for the healthier option during your work break--keeping you staying fit, fresh, and stress-free! ...more

Surviving 5 Kids and Dieting

Six months ago, I convinced my husband to single handedly lug my very old, very heavy treadmill from the basement to a prominent spot in the living room. My reasoning? No way could I exercise in our dark dungeon of a basement because I wouldn't hear the kids if they needed me. He protested that it would look tacky, take up too much valuable room, and go unused anyway. Unused?! Oh the indignation! I assured him that with the treadmill so readily accessible, I’d be back to the size that I was when we got married in no time. I would simply work out every day during nap time while the children slept. And I that’s precisely what I did—for about a week-and-a-half....more

I run because...

As a kid, I hated running. Every time my dad would remind me that I needed to run to gain endurance for soccer or basketball, I cringed. It got to the point that it literally was forced into my schedule and I abhorred every step of the .7 mile lap around my neighborhood....more

This is just what I needed to get motivated and start running again...I fell into the excuses ...more

Being a Healthy Mom Makes for Healthy Kids

Moms know how it goes. You're driving along in traffic with your little ones safely tucked away in the backseat, and the next thing you know, some teenager trying to text and steer at the same time swerves into your lane, nearly hitting you. Without thinking about it, you let some four-letter word fly – something a little stronger than “Drat!” One week later, you find out from your child's pre-school teacher that they've been repeating that very same word. Monkey see, monkey do....more

This endless, often self flattering hectoring is getting really really boring now, can you just ...more

Diet Soda No More

Diet Soda, I am *so* over you! I started drinking diet soda in my teens. I started drinking soda around age 4....more

Just add a little lemon or grapefruit for flavour :)more

It's not a diet...it's a lifestyle.

Photo credit: Nickshell.com...more

I don't have the willpower to withstand sweets and carbs. I found phase one to rigorous. ...more

Rock The Bod You’re In

Between the New Year’s Resolutions of January 1st and the official start of summer on Memorial Day (May 30th this year, if you’re curious) there stands an obstacle course of temptation. Valentine’s Day and Easter are two of the most terrifying obstructions to your making good on your intentions of losing weight or getting fit....more