How Do You Remember People's Names?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I am the worst at remembering people's faces. Just today I introduced myself to someone I already met. I've been like this my whole life, so I know it's nothing serious, like memory loss. How do I avoid these embarassing situations?Signed,Face OffCredit: Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr Creative Commons...more
LOl, I spent the first half of my working life as a barrister. I'm great with faces but rubbish ...more

A Desperate Cry For Help

Asking for help is the scariest thing I have ever done.At this point (the point where you have to ask for help because you’re between a rock and hard place) you go back to sixth grade in your mind and wonder if you had just studied a little harder for that spelling bee and gone to nationals, would your life be that much different?...more

Moving From to .org in 5 Easy Steps

Since I've become self-hosted, quite a few people have asked me how I did it. Seein as how I officially (and more importantly) successfully switched from to self-hosted, it basically qualifies me as a professional so I decided to write up a post to answer a bunch of questions in one fell swoop....more

Asking for help creates a win-win (It really, really does!)

Tricia didn’t believe that asking for help would create a win-win. She thought she’d feel weak and like a pest and that her in-laws would feel burdened. She was wrong....more

5 Ways to Help Someone with a Drug Problem

If you have recently discovered that someone you care about struggles with drug addiction, you likely experienced shock and disbelief. Don’t let your own overwhelming emotions prevent you from helping your loved one. Here are some things you can do....more

Help Imara

(information regarding the earlier blog post. This is more detailed information about Imara.)Over the weekend we learned of more tragedy in Congo, and I must share the info with you NOW in order to hopefully save her life....more

HELP still needed for 3-year-old Imara

I'm going to post a fundraising update sometime, because I'd call our adoption dinner/silent auction a huge success, but since I have your attention I need to tell you more about Imara, the 3-year-old orphan who has been beaten, burned, whipped and possibly poisoned by extended family in Congo. She still desperately needs help getting to the US, and she needs it fast, as a number of medical issues she is dealing with could kill her. ...more



A way to help the people of the Philippines

I have discovered a way to help the people of the Philippines that have survived the typhoon.When I sell on eBay I donate a percentage for a charity that is providing assistance to them.Mercy Corps and American Red Cross are just a couple of the organizations that are providing help to them....more

Need to Take Action Now? Ask For Help!

It is magnificent to know that, if you need to take action now and don't know how, you can ask! It is important to take action now in order to get done what needs doing. Often people make plans, great and wonderful plans that will change the world, revolutionize an industry or make it easier to keep the house clean. It is a great thing to plan, to revise the plan and to revise the plan again to make sure it is the best it can be. After all that planning and revising has been done, everything is for nothing if the planner does not take action to make the plans happen. ...more