Nice Try, Disney.

Disney, I love you. I love everything about you. We visited Disney this summer and we're still riding the Disney wave. Ava's 7th birthday party will have Minnie Mouse rolled into it. Not many 7 year olds love Disney, but she does. And Allie? Well she thinks Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh are fannnnntastic.We love Princess and the Frog. Ava loves what a hard worker she was and is always proud when she does stuff around the house.  She loves Pocahontas. And Doc McStuffins? She's awesome and Ava loves her!...more

Women of Color: The Silent Victims of the Mommy Wars

Apparently, only white women get to argue about whether to stay home or seek employment out of the house. That’s the takeaway I got from the online vitriol sparked last week by Ann Romney and Hillary Rosen. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 2012, 1992, or 1972 — the Mommy Wars continue to pit white, privileged women against even more privileged white women. ...more
Very well thought out post, bringing to light the other layers in the "mommy wars" beyond the ...more


Let me start by warning you that I am in a mood today.  Therefore, this post will most likely not be funny at all.  If you just said to yourself, “But her posts are never funny”, then I suggest you go back to eating your lima beans and looking at your Land’s End catalog because YOU SIR/MADAM obviously have no sense of humor. ...more

To Gray or Not to Gray I am the daughter of a mother who dyes. I suspect most of us are. Being Hispanic, she went gray early, being from California it was, and is, the done thing. I am following the same route, a good friend was horrified when I told her I was considering not. My mother has toyed with the idea of stopping....more

Spice up January with Corn Chiles Rellenos

I love chiles rellenos! I found this healthier recipe from Ani Simón, our Hispanic expert in our test kitchens....more

Brands Leveraging Reach of Social Media Latinas

***Cross posted from*** This post was co-written with Ana Lilian Flores of SpanglishBaby. ...more

The Explosion of the Latina Blogger

The BlogHer Conference 2010 was held in New York City at the Hilton on Avenue of the Americas just this past weekend.   According to sources, it boasted 1000 more attendees than last year for a total of 2400 attendees this year.  Not bad for an association that just started only 5 years ago (2005).  This year BlogHer Conference was kicked off with a Latina twist -- a welcoming Fiesta co-organized with LATISM (Latinos in Social Media)....more

Assumptions and How Race Isn't Visible

“BLACK PARENTS GIVE BIRTH TO WHITE BABY!” screamed the headline on the Sun. I devoured the tale of Ben and Angela Ihegboro, a Nigerian couple who recently gave birth to a blond baby, despite having no known mix in their racial histories. Doctors at Queen Mary's Hospital in England, where the baby was born, have told the parents the baby is not an albino. ...more

Very interesting article. I also agree the word should just not be used. But I sense how some ...more