Why It Feels Good for Relatives to Leave

I will raise my hand and admit.  I love to have my parents come in town AND I also love to see them go home.  I LOVE my parents.  I enjoy spending time with my parents; we always have a fabulous time.  Picking them up at the airport is a joy-filled event and so is dropping them off at the airport.Why?...more

What Is Your Status With Holiday Shopping So Far This Season?

We've just wrapped up the long Thanksgiving weekend and now the shopping race begins. Will you be running this year? Maybe you joined the crowds looking for the perfect sale on Black Friday. Maybe you've thrown in the towel with brick-and-mortar shopping -- why spend hours searching for a parking place at a real store when millions of gift ideas are at your fingertips on your laptop or tablet?...more
I went completely berzerk this past weekend and just about finished it all.  A first for me, I'm ...more

How One Holiday Tradition Returned

The Holidays bring about good and bad memories of past holiday seasons.  I have a girlfriend Nancy who newly divorced is having her first Thanksgiving without the kids this year.  It's tough; there is no denying it.  Thanksgiving will be different for her; but that doesn't mean it'll be bad.  We've talked about my first Thanksgiving without my daughter and new traditions I put in place when celebrating as a single person.  For me, ...more

What I'm in Right Now

A food induced coma!Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!...more

Thanksgiving Gratitude

As owner-operator of The Neurosis Files, I work hard to keep thoughts of gratitude at bay. Though tempting at times, they’re a luxury I can’t afford. Entertain just one and, before you know it, I’ll be devoting posts to puppies playing in meadows, William Shatner’s endearing qualities and my Aunt Chloe’s miraculous way of reviving wilting chrysanthemums. Then where will I be?This Thanksgiving, however, I’m choosing to indulge.Here’s what I’m grateful for:The freedom to express my disdain for parades whenever I feel like it....more

Dealing with Loss and Grief During this Thanksgiving Holiday? Be kind to yourself

One of the more difficult things to deal with in this life is when the culture you live in is celebrating a holiday at a time when your own life is in crisis, or you’re experiencing loss. That loss can be death of a loved one, a divorce, an illness, an addiction, loss of a job, loss of a home, or even loss of a dream. Our disappointments and grief seem to be highlighted by the grand expectations holidays are sure to bring. How does one cope in the midst of this collective celebration of manufactured joy?...more

The Truth Behind the Thanksgiving Holiday

The Thanksgiving that we all know and love is actually a 19th century creation. By the early twentieth century it was really established as what it is – a family gathering to celebrate blessings. The true history of Thanksgiving is a controversial topic in certain circles. Some believe that the holiday is actually disrespectful to the natives of our land because colonists ended up committing mass genocide and dehumanizing native cultures....more

Healthy Tips To Survive The Holidays and Seasonal Travel

We have made it to the most wonderful time of the year! Or so they say. This time of year, for many, is that mad scramble to shop, fly or drive and be merry. We all spread ourselves a little too thin, grind our teeth in order to not make waves during a family gathering and do our best to dodge illness despite germy flights and malls. Well, below I've concoted my list of tips on how to keep up your immune system, lower your stress level and actually have a merry little holiday season. Easy healthy travel tips along with ways to keep the peace during this festive season!...more
@Bridget Magnus Ugh -- I've had a similar situation with a gate change at O'Hare that was simply ...more

Holiday Preppers

When a week with a Thanksgiving Day is looming ahead, winter can't be far behind. I don't do well thinking about it. At least, I don't do well with transition. I suppose it's a good thing I'm usually happy where I am. I love fall. I love winter as well, once I'm made the switch over to it. But, during the transition between them, I never feel ready for the change....more
@KarenLynnn Maybe you can decorate together!more

Holiday Movie Review: The Bishop's Wife

A marriage falling apart.  A bishop's materialistic obsession.  A neglected wife and mother. A parish in pain. The angel Dudley is sent to fix all of these in the 1947 Christmas classic "The Bishop's Wife."   Set in the days immediately leading up to Christmas in a New York-like city, it is beautiful in its cinematography and poignant in its story.  The acting by leads Cary Grant and Loretta Young are Oscar-worthy in a tale that doesn't quite wrap up the way you expect. ...more