Holiday Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

So you've found a charming guy you’d love to make happy. Good thing, right? But, the flip side to this comes during the holidays when you want to get him a gift that he'll love. Men are also tough nuts to crack, as it's not like he is going to come out and tell you what he wants. ...more

Classic Holiday Vintage Makeup Tutorial


Shop For Good - DIFFA Gift For Life Pop Up Shop

Jonathan AdlerDIFFA, (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) is making New York City a hopeful place to sh...more

How to Write a Hallmark Holiday Movie in 5 Easy Steps

I adore Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. I adore Christmas. Let's just say, I could be a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. In fact, if I were an actor, all I would do is Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. Image via Hallmark Channel ...more
Ha ha, that is so true!more

Błędowska Desert - Poland

BŁĘDOWSKA DESERTNot far from Olkusz is the Błędowska Desert. This is the biggest desert in Europe and it just happens to be situated a short drive from where we stayed in Poland....more

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Hostess

With the holidays coming up, I'm sure your schedule is starting to fill up with lots of fun parties and get togethers! Whether you are going to a dinner party at your colleague's house, meeting your boyfriend’s parents, or going to stay with friends or family over the holidays, it is always important to bring a gift to thank them for their hospitality!Here is the perfect holiday gift guide for the hostess who loves to entertain!...more

From Vodka to Eggnog, Here are 5 Cocktails to Make this Holiday Season

 When you're the one making the holidays magical, sometimes it's tough to feel festive. The holiday spirit is actually pretty elusive when it has to compete against to-do lists, shopping and social obligations for your attention. And even when it's time to unwind there are four more things to do that should have been done yesterday. ...more

The All New Winter Fest Comes to Orange County

 The weather has dropped by a few degrees and Southern Californians are bundling up and preparing for winter!  And why not?  There are so many great things to look forward to.  Ice skating, ice tubing, holiday m...more

From Harvest to Holiday

 From Harvest to HolidayNOVEMBER 16, 2015 by MARY ALVAREZ filed under: DECORATING AND INSPIRATIONS, ...more

Holiday Vintage Glam Makeup Tutorial

 It is finally the start (at least in my mind) of the holiday season and with that comes the start of my holiday makeup tutorials!  I have several different tutorials planned, including th...more