13 Newlywed and Couple's Holiday Traditions to Start Right Now!

As Christmas is fast approaching the holiday events are getting underway. Gunnar and I were looking around our new city of Indianapolis to find events that we want to participate in. I noticed one thing, the festivities really centered around having small children. We don’t have small children yet but I didn’t want that to stop us from participating in holiday....more

Have a Healthy Holiday Season


Holiday Desserts are Made to be Eaten: Apple Crumble Recipe

I have a theory about holiday desserts. You should eat it. Between Halloween and Valentine’s Day, we all bounce around Pinterest looking at everything from food porn (27 layer cakes drowned in chocolate sauce and buttercream), to the latest article about how to stay thin during the season of eating. Perhaps the two don’t go together. ...more

Pumpkin Cranberry Cashewnut Bread

Pumpkin Cranberry Cashewnut Bread is a very soft and moist, flavorful and delicious bread recipe that is another perfect and best way to celebrate Christmas this year!The crunchiness of cashewnut, tanginess of cranberry, the sweetness of the pumpkin combined with flavor of vanilla extract, orange juice and zest , cardamom powder and ginger powder in this bread is just amazing!...more

Quick & Easy Candy Cane Cookie Blossoms


DIY Peppermint Extract

As the holidays roll around, I start baking up a storm. One of the classic flavors of the winter holidays is peppermint (Mentha piperita) . The peppermint used in baking is usually an extract rather than the leaves themselves. You can purchase peppermint extract at any grocery store but if you have a pot-o-mint in your garden like I do, it’s easy to make your own peppermint extract....more

Christmas Wreath

 Christmas WreathDECEMBER 4, 2015 by MARY ALVAREZ filed under: CRAFTING AND DYI, FRONT CIRCLE RIGHT,&...more

Holiday Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

So you've found a charming guy you’d love to make happy. Good thing, right? But, the flip side to this comes during the holidays when you want to get him a gift that he'll love. Men are also tough nuts to crack, as it's not like he is going to come out and tell you what he wants. ...more

Classic Holiday Vintage Makeup Tutorial


Shop For Good - DIFFA Gift For Life Pop Up Shop

Jonathan AdlerDIFFA, (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) is making New York City a hopeful place to sh...more