Wrapping it Up

I cannot be the only one…who managed to fit in at least two weeks worth of work, chores, holiday to do’s, and family drama all in one week. I am not sad to see last week go, but before I kick it on it’s backside on the way out, I offer you this weekly wrap up....more

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Everyone

I love sharing interviews with industry insiders who have a finger on the pulse of shopping trends.  This one is for everyone who is still looking for the perfect present for that special someone.Kimmie Smith shares some hot tips.  She is a  trend-insider and says a last minute gift can still be unforgettable.   ...more

Home Holiday Decorating Secrets: How Procrastinators Can Get it Done

Are your Christmas ready? We just got our tree a few days ago, and I probably wouldn't have deocrated our lawn if not for my son insisting that we put out our lawn ornaments.So, are you a holiday decor procrastinator?  You actually have time to get your home ready for Santa's return.Lifestyle and frugal-living expert Leah Ingram has the secrets to getting your home holiday ready and getting your “must dos” done in a single day....more

Vacation time!

Everything on my To Do List (both the scheduled jobs PLUS a handful of unplanned last-minute tasks) has been checked off... I've shut down my work computer... and I am now officially ON VACATION for the next 17 days! *happy dance* ...more
Thanks, Denise! Happy holidays to you too!more

5 Kid-Friendly Ways to Use Royal Icing

If you’re anything like me over the holidays, you’re up to your ears buying gifts, attending parties, and just trying to make it through the month. December always feels like a race to the finish line. Who are these people who have time to bake? I’ve never been a huge baker, but it’s hard not to get caught up in the spirit of the season. But with so little time, my treats need to be easy. Bonus points if I can keep my kids engaged. ...more
Hey Stacy, I wrote the post, I'll have to add that idea for next year, it's a good one!more

A Humble Brag Letter, But Where's the Brag?

I cannot be the only one…who cringes when they receive a Christmas card from that relative that takes it upon themselves to put together the Christmas Family Newsletter, also known as the “Humble Brag Letter." Upon holding the envelope in my hand,  I start to run through my quote unquote accomplishments of the past year in my mind, and unless successfully keeping my family in clean socks is an achievement, my portion of the letter may be less than riveting....more

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

When we were kids, all moms, grannies and aunties were making chocolate cakes like this one: chocolate sponge cake with buttercream filling (frosting), melting, smooth and very chocolatey. I don’t remember how many years have passed since I last tried a cake like this Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake....more

Keep 'em coming!


8 Gift Ideas for Writers

It’s time for part three of my holiday gift guide! This one features gift ideas for writers, that fickle-yet-determined bunch of individuals who would fight every obstacle to put words on paper. Whether your favorite writer calls his or her passion a career or simply dabbles when there’s a free moment, he or she deserves encouragement and inspiration. As someone who writes for fun as well as for paychecks, every little boost I get brings me one step closer to defeating that terrible monster that lurks in most scribes’ brains: writer’s block....more
urban_fae You can click the link at the bottom for more details of the products! Who knows...you ...more

Hectic holidays heavenly for hackers

Ahhh, it’s that time of the year again: the hustle and bustle of the holiday season—parties, gift giving, travels and get togethers with friends and family. But it also brings up the question of how and when are you going to have time to shop and get everything done in time?—let alone fight those crowds at the mall for that elusive parking space....more