Sweet Potato Casserole

This is my favorite Thanksgiving Day side dish.  Thanks for this great recipe!more

Homemade Holiday Gifts


Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Pie

Earlier this month I made a Cinnamon Roll Dutch Apple pie, which was pretty good. So, I thought why…View Post--Mrs. Akram Taghavi-Burris The mastermind behind Akram's Ideas   ...more

Holiday Gift Guide // The Girly Girl

I'm jumping on the holiday bandwagon this week and I am going to be posting a few of my holiday gift guides. To start things off I thought I'd go all things beauty and makeup related... so if you have a beautiful lady in your life that you'd like to pamper take a gander at the list below of all my favorite beauty and bath goodies. ...more

Holiday Menu

With Thanksgiving only a week or so away, I thought I’d share some of my favorite holiday menu…View Post--Mrs. Akram Taghavi-Burris The mastermind behind Akram's Ideas   ...more

The Cutthroat Arena of Seasonal Flavors

After spending years being served in college campus coffee shops, lending its aroma to soaps made by empty nesters with Etsy shops, and taking whatever odd pie jobs it could get, pumpkin spice had finally made it to the top. For the entirety of October, pumpkin spice was all the rage in Starbucks lattes, post-poop Febreezed bathrooms, and social media feeds. Pumpkin spice reveled in its long-awaited mainstream acceptance, but it was entirely unprepared for the powerful enemies it would make as a result of its commercial success: the trio of Christmas flavors....more

Let them {All} Sing - In Support of "Holiday" Programs

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Tutorial: Whimsical Snowmen Blockheads

By Misty Van StaaverenI love creating whimsical little characters I call Blockheads.  Here are some wintry snowman blockheads with an easy tutorial so you can create these silly little guys by yourself or with your kids.  They are great for mantles, table centerpieces, or even the front porch.  I like to group mine together in threes.   ...more

Top Tips to Save Money, Lessen Stress on Holiday Travel

Are you planning on traveling for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year? The holidays bring so many wonderful memories for me; however, the holiday travel is not one of them.Travel can be a dirty word when it comes to gathering together with family and loved ones. But here are some great tips to lesson the stress of traveling while also saving money. And be sure to check out my post about how to survive traveling with a toddler or baby....more