my break up letter to santa

Originally published on Santa, Santa, Santa. I’m not sure how much longer we can go on like this. I’m afraid that we’re just not good for each other anymore. Every year, I think it’s going to be different, but you don’t ever really change. ...more

Snap out of the Sweet Potato Blues

Sorry, Mr. Tired Holiday Sweet Potato Recipe, a cool new kid's in town!...more

DIY Holiday Chalkboard Jar Candle

It’s that magical time of the year. I’m kicking off the month of December with this fun holiday  chalkboard jar candle project.This candle looks beautiful as a centrepiece on the dining table during Christmas dinner or you can make several of these and assign spots at the dinner table by writing your guests’ names on the jar....more

I blame Charlie Brown (and probably too much coffee)

It's been simmering and was just below the surface. Then I watched Charlie Brown's Christmas Show last night and it happened.My Christmas Crazies started.Spending money and buying lots of "stuff" can leave me unbalanced at any time of the year, but this time of the year I get completely unbalanced materially and financially.(And have you indulged in Starbuck's bottled Iced Coffee - Vanilla? I may have just a little too much...)...more

Holiday Cold

Posted on November 28, 2014 ...more

Booze Baking: Mocha Rum Brownies


8 Great Holiday Skirts

The holidays are fast approaching. I’ve curated a selection of basic black with a few other pretty textures and patterns.Available at Anthropologie...more

Organize Yourself To Get Holiday Cards Out On Time!organize-yourself-to-get-holiday-cards-o/c101uHome Lace...more

Food Pantries - What to Give

Some things are funny, some never are. I know that humor is subjective but when it comes in the form of dismissive unawareness to another's plight, I can't not say anything. Yesterday I was at our grocery store when I overheard someone pushing their cart in front of me say, "Oh, the Thanksgiving food barrels are out! You know what that means, I can clean out my cabinets of the turtle soup I never used!"...more
ShantiOm  I'm so glad you can use it. I now buy the instant baby cereal, and I love how my ...more