A Teenage Boy's Perspective on What Makes a Good Gift

 Every year it's the same thing: The brief and unwavering reply to almost everyone who asks what I want for Christmas is, "Money." Asking for money is the easiest way to guarantee teenagers will get something they like, but what does that tell the family members or friends who are asking them? ...more

Practical Gifts on a Budget (that are still FUN!)

No surprise to me, when I brought up Christmas this year, my husband said, "Let's get the kids practical gifts". We're both practical people and for him especially, the clutter of tiny trinkets in our teeny-tiny house is well, terrible!...more

Fitness Fanatic Holiday Gift Guide

Good Morning! Happy Monday! Today is the 10th of November, so that means... another10 on the 10th!!Here are the previous posts:10 Apple Varieties You've Never Heard Of10 Tips For Your First Triathlon...more

My Favorite Holiday Beverage

As I was strolling through the grocery store today, I noticed that the milk coolers were stocked full of my favorite holiday beverage…Egg Nog!...more

Sugar Free, No-Cook Eggnog {Low carb}

Here's a super qucik and easy (and delectably tasty) eggnog recipe from last year to get you in the holiday spirit! ...more

Baiona, Galicia

I have been on holiday in Galicia, in Eastern Spain, and it was wonderful! I missed the registration for the NaBloPoMo but I will be posting daily on http:/londondiaryblog.wordpress.com...more

8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make it Through the Holidays

With autumn here and winter fast approaching, we move into the festive "holiday season"! For some though, this time of year is also wallet-draining, stress-inducing and all-around nerve-wracking! ...more

Christmas In My Heart

MrsTeeMrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter It was our very first year in Hawaii. I arrived that August and my Hubby had been working non-stop. Being a soldier wasn't easy and being a soldier's wife was a lot harder than I thought it would be....more

NaBloPoMo- 11/4/14 Holiday Memory

Tuesday, November 4What is your favorite holiday memory? (And yes, you can pick any holiday, including your birthday.)...more

Green Bean Casserole

The holidays are just around the corner and every Thanksgiving this is a prerequisite dish in our house – classic Green Bean Casserole, with a boost of flavor....more