Looking Forward

I cannot be the only one…who feels like they have been wrapping (and unwrapping…pun intended) this past week up for days now.  A holiday in the middle of the week, mixed with cookies and cocktails, can throw a Mama off her game.  I have offered reflections of this Christmas, our attempt to find the perfect balance in the right amount of time spent with everyone and the need to nap in order to recover ...more

Its Said and Its Done

I cannot be the only one…who is more than a little relieved that all the salutations of seasons greetings have been said, all the festive meals have been eaten, and all the wrappings have been unwrapped for this years Christmas.  Now that the season has been said and done it is time for us to review, recap, and recite some of the holiday happenings....more

Thank you notes - even if you are doing them, you're doing them wrong

My mom taught me to write thank you notes (thanks, Mom!), because we are civilized, polite people who have respect for our loved ones and an overall fondness for the complex social cues found in Jane Austen novels.She gave me the basic formula when I was little:...more

A Christmas Interview with Sonny Boy

I cannot be the only who…doesn’t really have much to do on Christmas Eve, thankfully my mom still puts together the big family shindig, so we usually spend the morning relaxing.  With all this unusual spare time, I decided to conduct an interview with the fantastic Mr. Sonny Boy, to learn his five year-old thoughts on what is happening with Santa now that he has officially started his magical trip around the world. ...more

Let it snow

“Blah blah blah,” I wrote. “And sorry to take so long to reply... Things are good but so busy....more

5 Salads to Add to your Christmas Feast

It's 2 days before Christmas and  I would guess you've long decided what you're serving for your holiday feast.  You've got the roast ordered, the potato recipe dog-eared, and the bûche de noël is as good as made in your mind. But what about a salad?  You need something to counter all that rich meat and the cheesy appetizers.  Your meal is calling out for something fresh, crisp, and festive.  Here are 5 salads that will sing at your Christmas dinner and make you feel better about plunging into that cookie tray:...more

Wrapping it Up

I cannot be the only one…who managed to fit in at least two weeks worth of work, chores, holiday to do’s, and family drama all in one week. I am not sad to see last week go, but before I kick it on it’s backside on the way out, I offer you this weekly wrap up....more

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Everyone

I love sharing interviews with industry insiders who have a finger on the pulse of shopping trends.  This one is for everyone who is still looking for the perfect present for that special someone.Kimmie Smith shares some hot tips.  She is a  trend-insider and says a last minute gift can still be unforgettable.   ...more

Home Holiday Decorating Secrets: How Procrastinators Can Get it Done

Are your Christmas ready? We just got our tree a few days ago, and I probably wouldn't have deocrated our lawn if not for my son insisting that we put out our lawn ornaments.So, are you a holiday decor procrastinator?  You actually have time to get your home ready for Santa's return.Lifestyle and frugal-living expert Leah Ingram has the secrets to getting your home holiday ready and getting your “must dos” done in a single day....more

Vacation time!

Everything on my To Do List (both the scheduled jobs PLUS a handful of unplanned last-minute tasks) has been checked off... I've shut down my work computer... and I am now officially ON VACATION for the next 17 days! *happy dance* ...more
Thanks, Denise! Happy holidays to you too!more