Chunky Tomato Sauce

A lot of recipes require a seriously good foundation that you can build on, Be it a rich stock, a fragrant spice mix or a flavorsome sauce, a “base” is something you cannot go without and will need time and time again....more

Apple in Potato Salad

Did you ever try to add an apple to potato salad? Try this traditional Ukrainian recipe and you will be surprised

What's Cooking

Tuscan Bean Soup

I was starving today and it was just little ol’ me and I decided to try out Better Home’s and Garden’s Tuscan Bean Soup recipe.  It was so amazing that I ate the whole thing all by myself!  Just so you know I cut the recipe in half since it was just me, myself and I.  But it was sooooo yummy!  I could scream it was so good!&n...more

Dinner Rituals & a Side of Mushrooms: AROMA CUCINA

  Dinner Rituals & a Side of Mushrooms: AROMA CUCINA value of shared meals matter.  So here’s some clarity at the dinner table with a side of sautéed mushrooms, please.  ...more

Chipotle Salmon Lettuce Wrap

I'm not allowed to sing in the car, not at home and not in the street either. It's a hereditary condition. My mom was also forbidden to sing within our earshot. Either you can carry a tune or you can't. So, what's a girl to do if Neil Young reunites with Crazy Horse to make a new album entitled Americana including folk songs like "Clementine", "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain" and "This Land is Your Land"?...more

Spicy Roasted Eggplant - Reality Check

There are days when my brain is so addled that I forget if I’ve already brushed my teeth. If I’m still home, I can check the toothbrush to see if it’s wet. Have I taken my calcium pills? I can check the docette. There are usually pills lingering that I had forgotten in their convenient cubbies. Just last week I took Friday’s pills although it was Thursday--proof positive that I forgot what day it was. Then there’s the errant hair check--also easy to forget, and yet so humiliating....more

Back to School Baking: Send Them to School with Healthy, Yummy Treats!

I rarely buy packaged snacks for my kids. They are generally not good for their health, our grocery budget or the environment. Instead we buy things in bulk and package them up in reusable containers, and I bake healthy – or healthier – treats for them to take to school. That way I know exactly what they’re eating, while at the same time teaching them to be eco-conscious and saving a lot of money....more
If you're looking for another great school snack recipe, try these delicious "Breakast Cookies"; ...more

Almond Cheese Crackers

Alas, the heaven that is gluten, the source of lofty loafs, crusty crusts, perfect pizzas, doughy delights, this panacea of palette pleasing pleasure (and inspiration for unending alliteration, too, apparently), is my private digestive hell. I confess here and now that I am gluten intolerant. Yes. So sad....more

Back in Italia! Finalmente!: Aroma Cucina

Back in Italia! Finalmente!: Aroma Cucina Ben tornati!  We're baaack! And it's delicious to be back! Time to plan the orto, reconnect with friends, and speak Italian.  It's good to be back in the mother country.