Powder Room Makeover

I want to use this blog to also talk about our most recent purchase - a lake house in Wisconsin.  It had always been our dream to purchase an old home and completely renovate it.  I know many people want the "turn-key" ready house, but to me, that's boring.  I wanted something we could really leave our imprint on and add in our own personal touch.  Well, this house has proved to be nothing short of a place that we can make our own...and by that I mean, literally every square inch of the house needs work....more

When two rooms become one

What was up with the Chef back in the day being banned in small quarters behind closed doors? I'm happy that has ended. The modern house with an open floor plan, lends to a much more cohesive family life. When we first saw our home, we knew we had to bust out the wall between the kitchen and the living room. In fact every home I've ever lived in, had a segregated kitchen. I day dream of being able to watch TV while I cook. Hey its the simple things..right? Below is the progression of the two rooms becoming one. It was of course as always, a bit more complicated than anticipated....more

Whats love gotta to do with it..

a picture of us on our wedding day...more

Before we busted this place wide open

We are already well into the smashing things, and putting it back to together stage. Below, is a look back on what the house looked like, when we first got the keys. The house sat on the market for a bit longer, than most in the neighborhood. It takes a bit of an imagination, when viewing the home to see its potential  (that may be an understatement). My brother told me, that out of a dime a dozen, we are the other $.02, that are NOT looking for a turn key operation. We looked at those....more

Weekend Getaway

before boarding cocktails ...more

Cause I loved this song when I was a little girl

When I was a 5 I would run a muck in our neighborhood.  All us kids would play games together.  My favorite was playing house.  You know, you be the mom, and I'll be the dad....more

Not Every DIYer Makes a Good Home Renovator

http://www.diyornotblog.wordpress.com ...more

Designing a playroom that empowers your kids

A successful playroom for children not only keeps clutter in check, but provides a space that empowers kids to learn and imagine. I think we can all agree that we learn the most from multi-sensory experiences -- within environments that encourage us to see, smell, listen, touch....more

Living with an Architect: A Users Guide

As many of you know, one of us (not me) is an architect, with a stamp and everything.  Having lived with said (excellent) architect for awhile, I've garnered some hard won wisdom. In an effort to help my readers, I offer the following suggestions for living with an architect:1. Traveling with an architect? Expect to visit architecture.  A lot....more