10 Things I Don't Wish I'd Done Differently While Home Schooling

Ten Things I Don't Wish I’d Done Differently While Home Schooling 1.       Letting them sleep in.  Sleep is important, and I love knowing my kids are well-rested and can sleep in when they've been up late.  Will it ruin them for college?  No.  Will they ever be able to hold down a job?  Of course they will.  They know how to get up early for Sunday school, so I know they can do it. ...more

The Charming Life of a Home School Dog

 The Charming Life of a Home School Dog ...more

You Might Be A Home Schooler If....

You Might Be Home Schooled If: Your teacher makes you stop in the middle of math class to pray about your attitude.Grocery shopping or lunch with the grandparents is a "field trip".Walking the dog or riding your bike is "gym class".You do math and language with a cat on your lap.There's only one other person in your class.You've made your teacher cry.You make fun of the kids on the school bus when it goes by.Part of your curriculum is chores.You get your birthday off school....more
Love this list...and I'm not even a home schooler! Or home schooled! So glad I get to say I knew ...more

Homeschooling Workstations: My Favorite Part of the Day

     One of my favorite things to do is set up workstations for my kids.  We just call them "stations" and my kids really look forward to days when we do them as well.  Over the next few weeks, I'd like to share my favorite stations.  Maybe you will find a way to incorporate them into your school day as well.  Stations are designed to encourage independent learning, creativity, and build certain skills you want your child to continue to improve on.    ...more

useful phrases to use with children

I collect phrases. When I hear a string of words that resonates, I try to capture them in my mind or on paper. We are constantly trying to find the words to use with children -- words that set limits, words that encourage, words that include.   ...more
BTW, just saw your profile - I just moved from C-ville and am right down the road in Warrenton ...more

Sneak Peek into Home School Life ~Intro


The Five-Second Rule of Homeschooling: What About Socialization?

Ever since my partner and I decided that the private school our kids have attended for the past three years was beyond our budget for the indefinite future, and that we would homeschool for as long as we need to, I keep hearing the same thing: “What about socialization?”...more
I have homeschooled for over 21 years, run homeschool groups, and teach groups of homeschoolers. ...more

Why I Could Never Have Homeshooled my Children - A Response

This week on one of my favorite websites, 12most.com (full disclosure: I am a contributor), there was a fascinating and eye-opening post and follow-up conversation about homeschooling. I voiced my opinion – as I have been known to do – that I believe that public school, when maneuvered correctly and with parental involvement, can offer an excellent education for our children....more
What "mamaofletters" said. Homeschooling is a very personal choice, and it is definitely not ...more

The Many Adventures of Homeschool Rookie year#2

Yesterday, In the many adventures of Homeschool Rookie: My 3year old colored an entire United States map alone.....and each state had it's own color! Makes a mama proud! My 8month old daughter puked and spewed milk out of her nose.  As I began to pump her nose to get excess milk, it seemed that she was having trouble breathing! Oh no! Was she drowning in her own spit up?...more