Using What You Already Own is Key to Owner Occupied Home Stagings

 According to a Martiz Survey, 63-precent of buyers are willing to pay more for move in ready homes, but strapped cash sellers can find it difficult to maintain their home before and during a sale. So, if sellers aren’t willing to spend money for repairs and updates and that’s what buyers are looking for, where can you compromise to grab the quickest sale?...more

Home Staging Showcases Manhattan Living at Its Finest

  A luxury pet-friendly boutique condominium, 260 Park Avenue South, attracts those looking for a chic, full-service, pre-war residence in Gramercy. This address was compromised of two neoclassical buildings (built in 1917 and 1930 respectively) and has since been converted to 86 apartments on 12 floors back in 2004, but yes, these condos can still benefit from home staging....more

Inexpensive Home Staging Ideas

Sell your home faster and for more money by using these simple, inexpensive home staging ideas! Did you know that when a house or condo is staged for sale, sometimes the owners think it looks so beautiful they decide to stay? Here are the basic steps for staging your home for sale - or for yourself!...more

Quick, Easy and Affordable Home Staging Tips

Here are some quick and easy home staging tips using items that you probably already have in your home! If not, the items are super affordable and can be found at Target, Michael's or even the Dollar Store!...more

Home Buyer Beware

Meet Lady.  A blue eyed basset.  She is 4 months old and is often seen trotting around triumphantly with our TV remote in her mouth.  She hides it.  Where ever we counter hide it she finds it, she is a hound after all.  The unintended consequence of her remote control fixation is that when I had turned the TV to the home improvement channel the remote disappeared.  We cannot manually change the channel on that TV.  If we do we get snow.  That was our choice, home improvement or snow.  I took home improvement.  That may...more