4 Mistakes to Avoid in Home Improvement Projects

For me, the best part about owning a home is that I could do whatever I wanted with it—no questions asked. But of course, I have to make sure any changes I make to my home are smart ones. After all, some home improvements and alterations might decrease the value of my home. ...more

4 Simple Tips to Make Your Home More Secure

As a parent, there are so many moving parts to your daily routine. More often than not, home security falls off that ever-growing list. But with homes being broken into every 14.4 seconds, it is time to reevaluate your home security!...more

Design: Notknot

Notknot pillows are by the icelandic designer Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir.They are unique as well as beautiful !More on: www.gemsshopiceland.blogspot.comwww.gemsshopiceland.blogspot.comA design and jewelry blog...more

My Home and My Community

Andino's band had their cd release party for their second album It's Time to Rise last night. I knew it would be my last night going out before the baby and I wanted to look good. I feel most beautiful when I wear a dress and head scarf, which is what I planned to do last night. Unfortunately, at 9 months pregnant wearing a dress and a headscarf makes me look like a babushka and not a sexy gypsy....more

Turn Your Instagram Prints into a Heart-Shaped Collage

I've long been wanting to make a collage with some of my Instagram prints. Besides having some empty photo frames around the house (I know, as a photographer, that's bad!) and having many blank walls in this rental house to fill, I have so many DIY ideas floating around my head and in pages of my to-do list notebooks. After playing around with a few ideas and digging this frame we used in Brayden's old nursery out of the garage, I set my own heart on a heart-shaped collage of prints. I still love it every time I see it. It was pretty simple to put together once I got going. Here's the full rundown... ...more

A Reminder to Self: Urban Serenity

Revisiting a short piece I wrote a couple of years back, mostly as a reminder to myself that the noisy, dirty, disruptive roadwork currently taking place on our street - and, some days such as today, shaking our house to its very foundations - hasn't always been there... and is definitely not a permanent fixture. :) ...more

Make This: Little Wooden Arrows

You've Got a Walker! Quick, Babyproof Everything!

It’s the moment you love and dread the most: the moment your precious baby goes from stationary to mobile. It’s a moment filled with joy and pride - maybe even a few tears.Yes, it’s a beautiful moment that just might immediately be followed by pure panic. Why? Because now, you can’t limit your baby to just what you want him or her to have. Now, everything within reach is fair game.It’s a first-time parent’s worst nightmare....more

This House is Clean

The other day I did a cleansing in our home — I lit a white sage smudge stick and went through every room in the house, smoking away any bad vibes and clearing the air for good times and feelings. At the end of the ritual I put cups of sea salt in the four corners....more

living room art / gallery wall

A few weeks ago we finally had our living room painted - from pee yellow to a pretty light blue. I'm so happy it was done but then we were too lazy to put all of our art back up. But it was a good thing to actually change up our art placement a bit. And hang things where I wanted them, not just where hooks/nails were conveniently leftover from our previous owners....more