Stand Clear -- Rampage in progress

Look. Out. And get out of the way.I've been on a rampage. The best possible kind -- shedding, organizing, cleaning up the disaster zone we've been generously calling our home.Although the place is technically pretty clean thanks to help twice a week, it's been a total shambles at least since Aidan was born and maybe even before. (Was there "before?") Stuff. Loads and loads of stuff. Piled EVERYWHERE. I haven't seen my dining room table for OVER A YEAR. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I hit my limit and thus began the rampage....more

NaBloPoMo ~ Mrs. Peacock, in the hall, with the candlestick

When was the first time that you realized that your home was not like other people’s homes?...more
It will be all yours and you will love every minute of it! If makes you feel any better - I ...more

Home is Where the Heart is

Home is where the heart is. Cliched, but true. Today’s prompt: When was the first time that you realized that your home was not like other people's homes? ...more
I love your definition of home and is what we make it :)more

Into the Woods

We have officially lived in the country for almost two weeks now. Although we sacrificed internet to live there, our cell phones don't work anywhere in our current county and we finally had our home phone land line hooked up yesterday, the views are totally worth it....more

Part Time Living

I work part time. Just a few hours every morning while my husband is home with our son. Even though I am home all afternoon and evening, I feel like I do not have enough time with my family. Our dear son naps 2+ hours of every afternoon, usually followed by a jaunt outside to get the mail and play outdoors a little bit, then dinner, bath and bed....more

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Why I Shouldn't Wear Rainboots

At some point before my alarm went off this morning, I recognized that it was storming. It was easy enough to make the decision not to get up and walk--I couldn't have taken Charlie for a walk because it was raining too hard, and we've had bad experiences with that before--and especially with thunder and lightning being involved. I thought I might still get up and walk on the treadmill, but I talked myself out of that, too. I used to be so good about morning exercise, because I knew I would always feel better if I just made myself do it--but that's getting harder and harder....more

Nature’s Perfect Cleanser: Hydrogen Peroxide

You’ve probably heard of hydrogen peroxide and may have even used it to clean cuts and scrapes on your skin, but did you know that it occurs in many natural cycles on Earth? Hydrogen peroxide is present in rain, snow and mountain streams, and can also be found in nearly every living organism. Our bodies create hydrogen peroxide to help fight infection. White blood cells produce hydrogen peroxide as a first line of defense against bacteria, viruses, yeast, etc. It is also created in plants through the process of photosynthesis....more

For Sale: 2 Bedroom Flat, scuffed paintwork, full of love

It’s strange how - when you know you’re going to be moving - you start to look around where you live and see things in a completely different way. Even before the For Sale sign has gone up outside, and the first potential buyers have stepped in the door, it stops being quite so much of a ‘home’ and starts turning back into just ‘a house’....more

Finding home

“Homing… is the instinct to return, to go to the place we remember. It is the ability to find, whether in dark or in daylight, one’s home place… Home is an internal place, a place somewhere in time rather than space, where a woman feels of one piece.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés ...more