Home is a State of Mind

For the first 23 years of my life I lived in the quintessentially Midwest town of Kansas City, Missouri. For the last 6 years I have lived in the Northwest with my husband, and for three years before that we lived in the South. But Kansas City is where all my family and every one of my dearest, longest, bestest friends live to this day. My roots in that town are as plentiful and deep as the many potholes in the roads and although I haven't lived there for almost ten years, sometimes I still (absentmindedly) call it "home."...more

It's more than just pot roast....

So, you have not because you ask not, right?  Soooo, I asked!!  While mulling over  things I NEEDED for Christmas the only thing that I could think of that was a "need" rather than a "want"  was a cast iron dutch oven.  So, as we do every year after Thanksgiving dinner, we talk and share about the things we want for Christmas.  I was asked by my Mother what I wanted as my gift...."why, a dutch oven of course"!  I admit, I caught a few odd glances but in my world that little baby is a necessity...after all, they cook the best pot roast on the...more

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

http://jacquelineparis.wordpress.com/To celebrate the joyous and wonderful Christmas season, I’m listing a few of my favorite non-material things. Lists for Santa have been submitted, and while the merriment and materialism of Christmas is oh so much fun, I’d like to enter 2012 with some thoughts about the great things that Santa can’t put in your stocking.Maria von Trapp sang about some of these, but she seems to have missed a few! Seeing my favorite TV stars on Glee perform their rendition of this iconic song only added to the joy....more

Hostess with the Mostess

Stress Less this Christmas- Hostess with the mostess edition Being a hostess is hard for me. I'm not sure why, it's just not one of those things that comes naturally to me. I love having people over, I'm just not that great at playing that role once they get here. People that know me well, know that if they want something to drink, they are more than welcome to help themselves, because without meaning to be rude, hours can pass and I will forget to offer a beverage....more

A Little Twist is Holiday Decorations

Sure, tradition is nice. But to us, tradition is kept interesting when amplified by new ideas and a fresh (and always respectful) twist on old rituals. See some of the ideas we found here:...more
So glad we could help Nightingay13. Merry Christmas!more

Stand Clear -- Rampage in progress

Look. Out. And get out of the way.I've been on a rampage. The best possible kind -- shedding, organizing, cleaning up the disaster zone we've been generously calling our home.Although the place is technically pretty clean thanks to help twice a week, it's been a total shambles at least since Aidan was born and maybe even before. (Was there "before?") Stuff. Loads and loads of stuff. Piled EVERYWHERE. I haven't seen my dining room table for OVER A YEAR. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I hit my limit and thus began the rampage....more

NaBloPoMo ~ Mrs. Peacock, in the hall, with the candlestick

When was the first time that you realized that your home was not like other people’s homes?...more
It will be all yours and you will love every minute of it! If makes you feel any better - I ...more

Home is Where the Heart is

Home is where the heart is. Cliched, but true. Today’s prompt: When was the first time that you realized that your home was not like other people's homes? ...more
I love your definition of home and is what we make it :)more

Into the Woods

We have officially lived in the country for almost two weeks now. Although we sacrificed internet to live there, our cell phones don't work anywhere in our current county and we finally had our home phone land line hooked up yesterday, the views are totally worth it....more

Part Time Living

I work part time. Just a few hours every morning while my husband is home with our son. Even though I am home all afternoon and evening, I feel like I do not have enough time with my family. Our dear son naps 2+ hours of every afternoon, usually followed by a jaunt outside to get the mail and play outdoors a little bit, then dinner, bath and bed....more