A Great Off-to-College Gift: Laundry Essentials Bucket & Tips

My daughter is off to college next fall and I am collecting and making gifts for her and her two BFFs to take to college. I will put them all in the large Thirty-One totes I got each of them. My daughter has learned to do laundry, but I am still in charge of laundry in this house. I don't mind; they are responsible for the put-aways of their clothes/towels/linens. But I know once she's off to college, she will be doing it all by herself, so I wanted her to have a few essentials that she can take to the laundry room easily. ...more
@nickelshrink yep we've had that conversation many times because she currently has friends in ...more

Buy or Rent During Divorce?

 Should you buy or rent during divorce?  Ideally, we would like to keep the matrimonial home and live there with the children.  The last thing we want to do is let go of all of those memories we’ve made there.  However, the cost of the household and your ex maintaining his own house is not feasible for many divorcing couples.   The reality is most couples end up selling the matrimonial home and each downsizing to accommodate a maxed out budget.  But it’s not as bad as it sounds.  The ...more

DIY home scents!

I'm a SUCKER for yummy smelly goods.  A. I don't like paying for themB. I'm attempting to go more "natural" since baby Ireland was bornC....more

Pinterest Make Over

Since becoming a SAHM in October my house has become my masterpiece. And I blame it on Pinterest! haha. But, I am not complaining. However, there are a lot of things there that make me realize how NOT-CRAFTY I am or have enough time to do those things. When we bought this house I never really noticed the little things that were wrong with it...until I became a SAHM. Then I started obsessing over every nook and cranny in every room....more


Jessica Helgerson Interior Design was featured on one of my favourite blogs Design*Sponge and I fell in love with her style straight away. She creates beautifully subtle and interesting interiors through her choice of materials, colours and decorative elements....more

National (not really) New Carpet Day!

There's nothing really exciting about carpet...unless you've been waiting for it to be installed for exactly 2 months and 3 days. That's just enough time to completely forget what you've picked out and when you refer back to your pictures on your phone and the color is totally off you start panicking that you really did pick out mauve carpet. ...more

Home and Work Are Independent - Work at Work

It is fantastic to know that work and home are independent entities, so do your work at work. Work, also know as employment, is commonly defined as the state of having paid work, one's trade or profession. Work is a serious activity. Employers who are paying people to work, expect them to work. While it is typical for employees to spend a little work time goofing off or doing personal things, both these activities are frowned on my most employers. When the goofing off at work or spending time on personal things1 goes too far, a person can find herself unemployed....more

Saving Cents on Scentsy

Saving Cents on Scentsy! ...more

6 Reasons I love living in a Village

Eventhough most young people in my age want to move out their hometowns to the big cities, I like staying in this small village I lived my whole life in. Of course I love seeing new places everywhere in the world, but only in vacation or for a short period of time. It's not that I never ever want to move somewhere else, it's just than I haven't been to place where I felt as comfortable as I do here. Yet.So, here are some reasons why I love living in such a small town:...more

Just Keep Going...

I swear sometimes I totally feel like the Energizer Bunny and I have to just keep going and going and going. LOL! The other night, as the rest of the house was in bed and it was just before one o'clock in the morning, I was sitting here at my computer with my headphones in and the melodic voice of Myles Kennedy blaring in my ears accompanied by either the guys in Alter Bridge or Slash and The Conspirators, finally with a few moments to wind down from the last few days....more