Creating a Bee friendly Garden in Silicon Valley

 Got bees? I do I purposely planted bee and hummingbird friendly flowers and plants last spring. Bees are becoming extinct. You should be alarmed by that.They help in the growth process of the food we eat....more

Get your hands on the best Greenwich real estate for sale!

Property and real estate have always been the best type of long-term investment. The profit margins that one can make through investment in property and real estate are immense. Looking for property in the New York city or surrounding areas such as the New England and Greenwich has always been a great option because it not only helps to earn profits for business dealers but also is an intelligent choice for personal residence. Greenwich has always been a major part of the NYC and New England territory that has had some remarkable property to offer to the people....more

The house down the street

My son is fond of telling me that one day he will buy the house down the street from us and then he will be over every night for dinner. "Will your spouse come, too?" I ask. He says that she might or she might go to her Mother's house for dinner. The point is that I am perfectly fine with his current plan to be a presence at my dinner table for years to come....more

5 Reasons Every Home Should Have an Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are a staple in many homes that practice natural living, but not everyone really understands the full benefits of keeping one or two around. Almost anyone could benefit from the amazing effects from an essential oil diffuser—better sleep, preemptive strikes on a cold, saving money. Even if for nothing else, consider the fact that oil diffusers are a much safer alternative to things like incense and candles, both of which have the potential for disaster. Keep Illness at Bay...more

To The Murderer Probably In My Attic

I had just gotten home after a long day and I really needed to relax.Well…….. I say “long day.” but what that really means is that I had to wear grown up adult clothes at work all day, then on top of that the Fates turned against me and I had to go grocery shopping AND to the Post Office on the same day! Which is just too cruel.So I went home and I decided to take a super long bath, because that’s what adults do when they don’t drink or do meth, but they still need to unwind....more

3 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Pinterest Worthy Gathering Place

Backyard entertaining can be an art form. Sometimes the right setting is necessary to turn an ordinary backyard into an extraordinary gathering place. Setting a tone that is inviting without being too formal can easily be done with a few key additions. Here are some companies who are masters in creative BBQ island, fire pit and outdoor media center installation. Look to them for inspiration on how to turn your backyard into a natural extension of your home....more

Improve Your Living Environment For A Better Life

We go through a lot when it comes to living healthier, as we focus on changing our bad eating habits, sleeping patterns and all the other things which make us ill. But what about the environment we live in?Our home can be filled with toxins and it can alter our health both on the long term and short term....more

Saying Farewell to Our Home

I think I've written this post in my head no less than twenty times before sitting down and to write this.I actually tried to start writing this post before we moved, but got so emotional each time that I had to stop. At that time, there were so many emotions running around in my body that overwhelmed me and I had to push them to the back of my mind in order to actually get things accomplished....more