Worst Moving Story Ever?

H and I have relocated to Los Angeles from Chicago and it went the opposite of smoothly.When good cats attackWe decided to fly instead of drive.  We thought it would be one day of stress and hassle versus three days.We thought wrong.It turned out to be three days of stress and hassle with a two night hospital stay, thanks to Magoo....more

Home Makeover: 5 End of Summer Projects

The mild weather at the end of summer is the ideal time to give your home a makeover. The pleasant conditions help you stay comfortable whether you're working indoors or outside. So don't wait until winter's chill hits. There's no better time to tackle these easy projects so that your home's ready for the season ahead....more

easy ways to de-old lady your house

I've mentioned before my never ending home decorating work. Our house is over 70 years old. The prior owners had... interesting taste. Everything was basically old lady chic when we moved in. If you're facing similar issues, here are my tips on some easy ways to de-old lady your house too....more

Curbside Appeal with Hardscape

 Curbside appeal can be created with hardscape choices. ...more

He's My Home

He’s My Home11 Jul, 2014 at 7:00 am | Written by: Josi SeibertRyan and I celebrated our third anniversary on June 25. Three seems so small, so new.  It reminds me of a 3-year-old walking wobbly on his lil bow-legged legs.  Soon, through (not perfect) practice, he loses his wobble and his legs gain strength.  He becomes less awkward, more confident....more

The Memories Make the Home

I find myself searching the walls and rooms of this large, beautifully decorated space we live in. Looking for marks and memories, seeking signs of a growing family that wasn’t planted here....more

The Financial Benefits of Investing in a House

Investing is the act of buying a good or goods that are not going to be used at the moment. The purchases are made in the hope of generating income in the future from them. Investing in a house can be done one of two different ways; building the house from scratch or buying an already built house. There are many financial benefits of investing in a house, however....more

Helping From Home: How to Reach Out When You Can't Get Out

Helping From Home Getting out into the community is important for homemakers, but there are ways to help from home should you find yourself in a season where you're unable to get out! Here are a few suggestions, specifically for Wichita, KS locals:...more

cleaning efficiently

I loooove having a clean house. But I hate spending tons of time getting it that way. Especially since the perfectly clean house doesn't seem to last long with the two humans and two pugs who live in our house. So I'm trying to be more efficient with my cleaning so I'm not cleaning constantly. Here are the ways I'm working on cleaning efficiently....more

4 Mistakes to Avoid in Home Improvement Projects

For me, the best part about owning a home is that I could do whatever I wanted with it—no questions asked. But of course, I have to make sure any changes I make to my home are smart ones. After all, some home improvements and alterations might decrease the value of my home. ...more