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My Space // Part 3

As you all know, I've recently moved, I wanted to give you a little look into what I've done to my space so far. I still have a ways to go. It isn't exactly styled yet and I am missing a few things for my walls but I thought I'd give you a little peek and then let you in on some of my future plans. So without further ado... ...more

Empty Nester's Journey

 “Oh, you’re up?” I asked after my ever so slight but clearly effective nudge. “Sorry, hon – didn’t mean to wake you…” cough. ...more

Traces - Weekly Prompt

I’m not at home, so finding the three things nearest to me that ‘define’ me seems difficult in order to do this prompt.  I know what I would pick, though, if I were at home, because I know what’s always nearest to me that ‘defines’ me.This week’s prompt says:...more

Taking Advantage of Being Home Part 1: Visiting the Climbing Wall

I wrote a post a couple days ago about positivity and taking advantage of being home instead of mopping around during the cold winter. I made a goal for myself to take advantage being home by getting out and checking out what our town has to offer. A brand new climbing wall just opened up and we were invited by some friends to check it out with them. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, mostly because I had only climbed an indoor climbing wall once. I had no idea what belaying was or much to do with the sport at all....more

If you found one million dollars…

Our Quirky House

 Welcome to our house.We love kids, animals and plants but watch out!Do not trip over the dog laying in the hallway and please,edge around that blanket fort;  it took an hour to make yesterday!...more

gorgeous and affordable full length mirror

Finallllly we put up a full-length mirror in our bedroom. I had been wanting a mirror like this one for forever but didn't want to pay $359. I found a really similar one at Hobby Lobby on sale for $80. It's a bit smaller but serves its purpose....more

Moving Days 1 & 2

 I am not a fan of moving or packing. It is exhausting and not really all that fun. I've had two days of moving so far and if I'm being honest I am over it. Haha. I still have all my big furniture left; the bed, desk, dresser and book shelf. But I have moved all of my bathroom stuff, clothes and all of my little knick knacks/ decor items. ...more