gorgeous and affordable full length mirror

Finallllly we put up a full-length mirror in our bedroom. I had been wanting a mirror like this one for forever but didn't want to pay $359. I found a really similar one at Hobby Lobby on sale for $80. It's a bit smaller but serves its purpose....more

Moving Days 1 & 2

 I am not a fan of moving or packing. It is exhausting and not really all that fun. I've had two days of moving so far and if I'm being honest I am over it. Haha. I still have all my big furniture left; the bed, desk, dresser and book shelf. But I have moved all of my bathroom stuff, clothes and all of my little knick knacks/ decor items. ...more

Make Life Easier: Cut Box Tops Off!

Inanimate objects are often the source of my frustration.  All I want is to reach into the cabinet and grab a straw. I don't want to take the box out, open the lid, take out the straw, fold down the tabs, close the box, and set it back in the cabinet. Who has time for such ridiculousness? ...more
I always do. What a novel idea. Lolmore

DIY Home Decor - String Art!

Getting Wild Down On the Farm


High End? Luxury? Upscale?

Reclaimed HomeNow, THIS is a great kitchen!...more

A Mother's Love & A Home Gone

You never know how something will affect you. I have shared about my mother's passing last year and feeling weird since May 28, 2012 when she died. Not feeling like myself sometimes and feeling just numb. Well though some things have been great, her missing has affected me more than ever in the past few months. I thought I was at least moving forward, but as the Priest and Ministers have shared with me, the first year is getting over the shock and then you begin to heal....more

Laundry Detergents, Bleaches and Softeners - Most Are Toxic! What Grade Does Your Product Get?

Does the smell of bleach make you think that your clothes are “clean”? Do you like that flowery scent? I used to love that the warm, fluffy, soft feeling after the clothes were pulled out of the dryer. A while ago I read about bleach, detergents and fabric softeners – laundering my clothes became a totally new ball game! ...more

DIY: StageYour Home To Sell

A first impression means everything, especially when you’re trying to sell a home. When a potential buyer walks through, they’re instantly making judgment calls. To make sure they’re positive judgments, you might consider staging your home. ...more
nestyleblogsThanks. Yes indeed. Leaving those old stuffs left behind by the previous owners can ...more