Home Decor Inspiration - French Elegance

Often regarded as one of the most romantic and feminine interior design styles, French elegance is a typ...more

Gratitude linkup - Week of 1/12/14

Participation in Laurel Regan's Gratitude linkup over at Alphabet Salad, is a great place for me to spend some time each week.Nothing can keep you in the moment like a dose of gratitude. Participation in the linkup gives me a place to be accountable to my gratitude. It's a way for me to publicly share this gratitude, as well....more

creating the perfect guest room

Right now, our "guest room" is really just my closet/dressing area. The room is pretty small and I use all the closet and dresser space for my own stuff. But it is still nice to have a room with a bed for whenever we have guests. In our next home, I hope to have an actual dedicated guest room and can't wait to decorate it so that it's actually welcoming (as opposed to our current guest room chock full of my stuff)....more

How to Fold A Fitted Sheet...And Other Nonsense.

How to Fold a Fitted SheetStep One: Take super clean and highly deodorized fitted sheet and hold it out in front of you while wafting in the scent of lilacs and productivity. ...more

My Kids Have Been Home Since 12/20

We had Christmas break.Then????  THE POLAR VORTEX.  THE ICE.  FREEEEZZEEMAAAGGGGDDEEEOOONNN.I've been working at home with them -- between covering their holiday and snow days.  We've been together since 12/20.And now?  School is canceled again tomorrow (we can't do polar vortex in the South, FYI).  But my mom is going to hang with the Gingers tomorrow.  I HAVE to go to the office....there is still paper in my world, that I need to SEE it at the office.  :)...more

Dining Room Blues?

10 Good Things About Being An Empty Nester

There was a time when I took pride in the fact that my house was one of the busiest (and noisiest) on the street. I had four children of my own, took care of five others during the after school hours, and maintained a revolving door for all the neighborhood kids to come over whenever they chose.     On one particular rainy afternoon, I counted seventeen kids (ranging in age from 10-17) in my matchbox-sized home. I'm convinced that this is when my love for margaritas began....more

Clean Your House More Efficiently

You think that you know how to clean your home; after all, you’ve been doing it for years. Whether your home resembles an unkempt barn or is the picture of cleanliness, there are things that you could be doing better and more efficiently. When you know the dos and don’ts of cleaning your home, you save time and money. Dos...more

Lunch Accessories for Adults - Lunchbags