Pizza Perfected @ Home

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Homemade Cereal from Scratch

I don’t know how come it never occurred to me before to make Homemade Cereals from Scratch? If I knew how easy it is, I would have never bought store-bought stuff again. You can adjust this recipe according to your taste by adding some spices like cinnamon or vanilla, dried fruit, nuts or seeds after baking. Use your imagination to create different granola flavor every morning. Read more......more

Homemade Crepes

Homemade Dog Food

You owe it to your best friends to reward them for their unconditional love, and what better ...more

Simple Crunchy Granola

I like to keep things simple. The sheer volume of newness in my life right now demands it - other wise I would sink under and drown. When you ditch your regular life for one that is completely new, everyday tasks become complicated. I live in the country now so I can't just pop to a shop when I run out of something. Ingredients that I would have used regularly in Ireland have become impossible to source. The supermarkets have 20 different sour cream options but no fresh cream whatsoever. ...more