Homemade Berry Granola

I've been making granola for a few years now and decided what better way to kick off the new year than with a fresh batch. I use a tried and true recipe from one of my favorite food mentors, The Barefoot Contessa. With a few tweaks, I made the granola with my  favorite dried fruit combinations.  The great thing about making granola is that you can go crazy with the add ins. Just get the base of the granola made and mix and match away at your dried fruits and nuts! ...more

It's Beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas!....and chicken and dumplins

www.mommiedawn.blogspot.com I'll preface this by saying - dumplins.  Join in, D U M P L I N S. No 'g'. It's a southern thing.  Finally! We have freezing weather! While my phone keeps trying to tell me it's snowing, I'll take the freezing temps anyway! I'm waiting for the day after Thanksgiving to get out ALL my Christmas decorations and then I'll start doing this house top to bottom in Holiday-Ness! ...more

Holiday Cookie Gifts

This Holiday I wanted to make a DIY gift for friends and family. I decided that since I enjoyed baking I would put together Holiday Cookie Gifts.View Post...more

Homemade Caramel Apples

My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE Caramel.. Caramel apples, caramel popcorn, hot caramel drizzled over ice cream,  heck they eat it by the spoonful.   I personally would pick hot fudge on a sundae any day over caramel, But caramel apples was the request so here it is....more

Must buys for parents on Etsy

So some of  you may or may not know that I am a big fan of Etsy.  I think it's so wonderful that a place like this has been made where good quality handmade items can be purchased so easily.  Now before I start I would like you to view this with an open mind.  Some of these items you may think are expensive and yes some of them are.  However some of them are truly unique and don't forget the items you are about to view are all handmade so please respect that and the sellers that put their time and effort into making these wonderful products. ...more

Evoking home

  I'm probably nuts, but I'm gonna give it another shot.  I either attempted or completed the National Blog Posting Month challenge the past two years, and I have the itch to try it again.   Never mind that I've already spent approximately 50 hours staring at a computer screen this week.  Never mind that my mind is numb after production day is done at the paper on Tuesdays. One of the daily prompts said to post a picture that evokes home for you....more

DIY Wrinkle Release

DIY Wrinkle Release - Total Cost = $2.00     Easy, simple and very frugal homemade wrinkle release...more

Easy To Make Halloween Costumes (20+)

Easy To Make Halloween CostumesMonarch Butterfly -...more