How to layer candles

Layering candles is an easy process, which enables you to create unique multi-colored creations. Layering happens in phases so be prepared to have some time set aside (or run multiple projects at one time like I do *smile*). What you will need: Candle making tools: wax, wick, mold of your choice Fridge (for faster results) Patience (if you can wait) ...more

Be Green Now: 8 Quick Fixes to Make Your Life a Little More Green

For a long time I felt that being environmentally conscious or "green" was out of my reach. We couldn't afford to buy 100% organic everything or install solar panels on our house and I felt like there wasn't much else I could do.To make myself feel better I focused on the things I was doing and tried not to think about all the chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides that were making their way into our home via cleaning products and non-organic food. 

@marilyn888 Look into distilled white vinegar for scalp problem!  That stuff is a miracle worker ...more

No Shampoo, Homemade Dishwasher Detergent, and Other Neat Stuff

One week ago I started embracing my inner radical homemaker and started using homemade beauty products. I've had a lot of people ask how things are going so I wanted to give you all a one week update. I also wanted share my first attempt at homemade dishwasher detergent. It was super easy and mainly used stuff I already had on hand for making laundry powder.  ...more
Can anyone tell me what a "neat" shampoo is? I tried to Google it and I found this website. I ...more

Homemade Cardboard Box Oven


Instructions for a Homemade Boob Job

Step 1 Wrap one arm around rib cage. Drape previously perky tatas over forearm. Lift.Step 2 With free hand point wayward nipples in forward facing direction.Step 3 Once nipples are pointing in the right direction, use free hand to hold back double chin or loose neck flaps, and look down.Step 4 Ignore their squashed, ready for a mammogram-like appearance.Step 5 Reminisce how your rack used to stop traffic....more
Love it!!!!more

Rice pudding pie (Rijstevlaai)

This rice pudding pie is not overly sweet, but simple and rich due to the creamy, soft texture created by the combination of simple ingredients. The recipe is not very difficult although it is a bit long....more

Lemon Cake Recipe

I'm not a great baker. I bake bread often, and waffles or pancakes are not unheard of on weekends.But a cake, even a very simple one as the lemon cake on the photo, on a weekday is not a common occurrence in my home. But yesterday I did bake one. Very easy, but very good lemon cake. Here is the recipe....more
Mmm lemon cake. I love lemon cake.more

Scott's Simple Homemade Chili Recipe

During the cold winter months there's nothing like a huge bowl of chili to warm you up! So I thought I'd share my boyfriend, Scott's, homemade chili recipe....more

Make Your Own Homemade Greek Yogurt

Since this is the Happy Simple Living blog's most popular posting yet, I thought you might like the recipe and directions for making your own thick, creamy Greek Yogurt. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!...more

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Easy Homemade Oxy CLean! ...more