Homeschool: Where Do the Presidential Candidates Stand?

I'm a homeschooling mom, and I have questions for the presidential candidates....more
Laura@HouseOfJoyfulNoise You are so welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.   Thank you for telling me ...more

5 main reasons why we are Homeschooling!

The first question we are often asked or the question that people most want to ask is: why homeschool? We originally went down the formal school route so the surprise and questions over our sanity came flowing from all corners when we announced our decision to embark on our homeschool journey. For us it just wasn't working for our family, the kids had a fairly long journey to and from school and with homework the day was longer then most people work, they were constantly exhausted. They were also fundamentally not happy and had definitely lost their spark and enjoyment when it came to school...we just thought that there had to be a better way, a better fit for our family.......more

Top 5 Homeschool Equipment Buys

I have to confess I am a lover of school supplies and furniture! Odd I know but I wanted to share with you the top equipment that we purchased once we had commandeered one of our rooms as a homeschool room. Even if you don't homeschool some of these may be useful for homework. I will do a separate post on the stationery that we have found to be the best as we seem to have worked our way through most types that are out there!...more

Awesome Reward System for Kids

Well the kids are super excited today as I have just added some new items to the rewards basket! Yes, it works...they absolutely love having rewards at homeschool...who wouldn't? This is a simple incentive scheme where they each have a little notepad which is decorated by them with stickers and yes, for MiMi this means glittery stickers of course! This is their sticker book where they collect star stickers. Now this is not a system where I only reward depending on how well they have done with their work. I try to also use it for effort, working well together...don't you just it love it when the kids work well together...ahhh...having a mom moment!Even if you don't homeschool this is a great reward system to have at home for the kids....more

3 Changes I Made To De-Stress Our Homeschool {And Me}

During the end of our homeschool, last spring, as we were wrapping up our school year, I knew something had to change. ...more

Tot School: Fall Theme!

For the 4 season themes - I planned to do them on the week of that season change. I was so excited for this theme and Josiah liked it a lot better than I expected him to! This was another one that I found tons of activities for. I tried not to make it too close to what our Thanksgiving theme will be, so we focused on the season/weather changes, the changing and falling leaves, and the harvest....more

Confessions of a home schooled child...who lives on a boat.

I like home schooling better than regular school because you can go your own speed on any subject.  Like math,  I can go faster on math and take my time on language arts....more

I Envy You, Traditional Schoolers (but only a little)

I see you out there, all over the internet, sending your kids off to their first days of the school year.  Your perfectly dressed children, holding cute little signs.I see their perfect little bento lunch boxes and their adorable first days' "getting to know you" projects....more

Homeschooling Resources for those who educate on the GO!

Whether you're looking for premade ready to buy curriculum or would like resources on how to build your own...this blog post is for you!!  Roadschooling, boatschooling and worldschooling is simply educating while on the go. How is this different than traditional homeschooling? Small spaces that don't allow for many textbooks, unreliable wifi and sometimes limited resources can create educational challenges. If you're looking for resources to help supplement your child's education or wanting full blown curriculum, hopefully the following links can help....more

Why I Am Choosing to Homeschool

When people find out that we plan to homeschool, the first question is "Why?". The majority of the time the question comes from people who have never had experience with home education or consider homeschool to be something that strange and isolated families choose (which my family and I are far from--or are we?). ...more