Homeschool journey coming to an end - A new beginning for Athena.

I have been homeschooling Athena since she was a little over 2. It's been one of the highlights of parenting for me and she has really excelled. She always asks to get her schoolbooks down and for me to pull up her school sites. (I talked about our favorites here and here. ...more

My Skinny List 2012

Here it is…”My Skinny List”!  I got it done, but I’m sure I’ll be adding to it as I think of things.  So how do I feel after making this list?  I feel good.  I thought it might depress me, but it is actually liberating.  Now I want to hurry up and get started on it! Don’t laugh too hard at the things I want to be able to do or be able to do better.  Some of these things I can already do, it will just be easier or look better when I lose the weight. ...more

Skinny List


Shopping for Homeschool?

I just got my first book published on CurrClick's website!  I'm so excited!  Can you tell?  My book is called "Girlfriend's Guide 2 Homeschool Conferences".  It's jam-packed with ideas and tips for  getting the most out of your local conference, bookfair or all around homeschool shopping.  I've also included tons of worksheets to help with your planning and shopping....more

Today's Homeschool Lesson in Math: Mega Millions!

Cool Boy is only 4 years old, but he's rocking the kindergarten homeschool curriculum! He's so advanced that I decided that today's lesson would be about integers, randomness, and working with a bounded set.Knowing that our readers are a well-educated bunch, I know that I don't have to review what integers are, but some of you might need a refresher on what exactly a bounded set is. Heck, I got an A in Calculus III in college, and I still needed Wikipedia's help to make sure....more

Mothers of America, So Nice To Meet You

As a college graduate who many years ago left an ivy-covered liberal arts institution with a philosophy degree in hand, I thought I knew everything. Throughout my twenties and thirties I worked for media companies that targeted the mom market; TV networks, websites and print publishers with products and content focused on parenting. In those days I thought I knew everything about moms. ...more

Happy National Agriculture Day!

Today is National Agriculture Day and in honor of it,  I will be planting some roses and a bunch of bulbs.  I'll also be doing some horticulture and ag lessons with daughter that is taking ag classes. To read more about National Ag Day, please visit Girlfriend's Guide 2 Homeschooling for the link and more resources for fitting horticulture and ag into your school! ...more

How Does Your Child Measure Their Worth?

 ***The essay Emma wrote is the one she sent in with her college applications.   Today, as usual, I stopped by the Bloggess and read her post.  Carol and I love her.  She's funny.  She's real.  She's honest.  She's compassionate.  Of course she doesn't need my lowly accolades, she has plenty from more important people than I but she does deserve them anyway. ...more