How Does Your Child Measure Their Worth?

 ***The essay Emma wrote is the one she sent in with her college applications.   Today, as usual, I stopped by the Bloggess and read her post.  Carol and I love her.  She's funny.  She's real.  She's honest.  She's compassionate.  Of course she doesn't need my lowly accolades, she has plenty from more important people than I but she does deserve them anyway. ...more

Light Table Art

Discovering the amazing fun with light tables.  Today we played with water beads and colored epson salt.    ...more

Budding Polar Bear members.

What would any homeschooler do if you lived by the beach,  it has been 50 degrees and all of sudden it was 80degress for the day? The beach of course! Well, I got to admit, we were the only ones out there besides a couple of men fishing. It was pretty pleasant. The boys swimming and chasing Winston....more

Letters: a progression

Almost a year ago I wrote about my son (then 3.5) starting to write letters. But just as soon as he started he also suddenly stopped. For some reason his curiosity about writing faded, and we just let it be. I have no concerns over this boy's ability to learn what he needs to know. He's deeply motivated to explore and discover and always has been. So, I'm happy just going with the flow....more

The Afterschool Squad

I was chatting with a friend tonight about the difference between twos and threes.  When my six-man crew was mostly two, they hung on my every word, were so excited about every proposed project, and anxiously undertook the kinds of messy experiments that wore the finish off my table and left us all paint-stained and grinning.  Yay!And, now?Well, they still like to experiment, and they really like to mess up my house.  But preferably without my input.(*sniff*)...more
lol I think the brain stretching is mutual, and I'm not sure I always agree, either! Thanks ...more

The Many Adventures of Homeschool Rookie year#2

Yesterday, In the many adventures of Homeschool Rookie: My 3year old colored an entire United States map alone.....and each state had it's own color! Makes a mama proud! My 8month old daughter puked and spewed milk out of her nose.  As I began to pump her nose to get excess milk, it seemed that she was having trouble breathing! Oh no! Was she drowning in her own spit up?...more

After this homeschool year, I'm officially dropping the "Rookie" .......

What's new this year in the life of a Homeschool Rookie?  Well, I feel more confident in being a model/teacher for my children.  I'm reading a lot of Charlotte Mason and am loving her philosophy in education.  I'm also finishing up "A Well Trained Mind" by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise.  I have two crawling 8month olds too! I'm excited this year to be taking a heavy literature approach to homeschooling and working this method in with our current guide from "Classical Conversations". Guess what?!...more

Back to School Already!

DD~8 is still wondering what happened summer vacation. If she could drive a car her license plate ring would read: "I Rather Be Catching Lizards." This year DD~8 and DD~14 will be homeschooling through K12's virtual academy. I know some homeschool parents view the public school/homeschool option as an anathema to the freedom to homeschool, but for me K12 is an answer to my need for outside accountability and student independence. READ MORE AT WildIris  ...more

Aspergers Homeschooling Anxiety

Homeschooling Anxiety can be a pretty stressful self-imposed annoyance. But we all get it at sometime or another.  It could be just making a decision whether or not you should homeschool, the abundance of different curriculums,  or trying to find out what works best for your children. The list can seem never ending....more