E's Wii Mii

  Every time I see it, it cracks me up! I think it looks like Ethan all shrunk up and popped into the Wii. Ethan lost his hair when he was six years old due to Alopecia Universalis. It was a very difficult time, for me, not for him. He has always thought it was funny, cool and convenient. This is the kid who needed held down for haircuts and I always felt like his hair never looked quite right. It was a constant battle - then, he became bald - go figure! ...more

I can relate to your post as my son with Down Syndrome started to lose his hair at the age of ...more

Homeschool Rookie: If I screamed would anyone listen?

My best friend bought me a luxurious eye pillow.  I mean it was a gift in season.  I'm 32wks pregnant and everyone knows that at 32wks pregnancy=insomnia.  Not only am I pregnant, I'm pregnant with twins.  I must stress this so that you can understand why my eye pillow is so precious.  It is filled with leaves of lavender which emit a calming scent while its satiny exterior provides comfort and coolness to the eye area.  There are extra satin folds which cusion the eyes while the mask is worn....and let's not forget the comfy band that holds it securely in plac...more

Homeschooling the Preschooler

I'm not ready to send Athena to school. I'm just not. And you know what? I might not be ready to send her next year either. But hey haters, that doesn't mean that she's going to be behind. I'm using some of that crazyweirdhippie homeschooling that runs rampant in my family. And guess what... it's going amazingly! My first homeschooling purchase was this book: ...more

I Work From Home ... and I Homeschool

We are going into week 2 of our homeschooling adventure. It's been QUITE the whirlwind.And I am learning a REALLY valuable lesson with homeschooling. EVERYTHING IS EDUCATION. Everything. Helping bathe the baby? Learning. Grocery shopping with me? Learning. Running after the baby so he doesn't tear all the books off the shelf at Borders while I am trying to figure out what literature to buy you for next month? Learning. ...more

My son is 13 (nearly 14!) and he's always been homeschooled as has his 6-year old sister. We are ...more

New Series: We've Decided to (Gulp) Homeschool

Since the middle school here is so huge, we have ALWAYS considered homeschool for these years (with a return in high school). And so, I have been turning it over and over like a rusty hamster wheel in the back of my head for a long, long time. ...more
This is the first year that I am homeschooling my little one. I have had a lot of opposition. ...more

Guilt: The Redux

I made an error in my last post about my daughter's school issues.The assumption that I was responsible for her rapid pace of learning - that my decision to provide a structured learning environment at home is the reason Danica has such strong academic skills - was stated plainly and resonated through every sentence. This arrogant assumption completely undermines the reality that she is responsible for her learning. She is driving this bus....more

Small changes

This month, I subtracted canned goods, and processed snacks (sugary cereal, frosted toaster pops, and peanut/chocolate granola bars) and added dry lentils and raw watercress. About once a month, I tweak my family's diet in this way. Responsibility for the health and nutrition of my family is something I take quite seriously. I also take my social responsibility for being an omnivore very seriously. I am committed to only using meat products that are raised, fed, and slaughtered in the most humane way. Shopping at a store means you are giving them money, thus supporting their policies!...more

More thoughts

I waqs thinking, just now, that there are days where I feel I could write and write forever.  I never do, but I always feel that way.  :)  Today is one of those days....more

Math Curriculum Counts

Math = Order. I prove the Law of Entropy true multiple times per day....   Houston, we have a problem....more

Ready Or Not, School Starts Next Week!

School starts next week at our house. There are a million details I’d like to attend to before the big day. Little things like making sure the markers work, and arranging beautiful bouquets of sharpened pencils. Then there’s the biggies. Breaking down lesson plans, updating the school calendar, and organizing the supply closet.   ...more