Once Upon a Hong Kong Winter

Future President constantly asks me to tell him stories about when I was a little girl and most of the time I am left a little speechless as I try to find the words to describe my childhood, a childhood that looks nothing like his in a landscape and country that are completely foreign....more

Why We Travel With Our Kids: A Heartwarming Hong Kong Story

On our recent trip to Hong Kong, one poignant experience really stood out to me that crystallizes why my husband and I have decided to travel so much with our kids....more

Hot Damn..Hong Kong Heaven

I LOVE HONG KONG! Seriously, it is clean, civilized and gorgeous. I was lucky to stay on the outskirts in Cyperport at the Le Meridien Hotel. Infinity pool. CHECK. Crazy bean bag lounge overlooking gorgeous water view. CHECK. Walking distance to mall and park on the water where dogs, really big ones, roam free. CHECK. International grocery that sells bagels and People magazine plus cheap wine. CHECK, CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK....more

Fried Hong Kong Noodles To Satiate The Cantonese Palette

Noodles are a much-loved staple in the everyday life of a Hong Konger – regardless of whether they are soup-based, stir-fried, braised or deep-fried. When it comes to dried egg noodles, one of the best ways to cook them is to stir-fry the blanched noodles with vegetables and really, really good quality dark soy sauce, this being the most important factor that determines the tastefulness of the noodle dish....more

Hong Kong Files #3 & 4 by Brian Leiken, guest blogger

Saturday, July 7, 2012Hong Kong Files #3 & 4 by Brian Leiken, guest blogger Hong Kong Files #3 Today I decide to meet up with Kevin and take the ferry across Victoria Harbor to Central Hong Kong, t...more

Hong Kong Files by guest blogger Brian Leiken

  Enjoy my son Brian's first impressions of Hong Kong. Here are the first two travel entries: James Clavell.  After reading his two Hong Kong novels, Tai-Pan and Noble House, I have always wanted to visit Hong Kong.  I picked up Tai-Pan out of the school library at South Gate....more


Hello friends,...more