Horse Property for Sale – All Necessary Things to Consider

 It will be a great imagination to see a Barn that is being bordered with white fences, lush green grass and your horse and mare are happily graze inside it. All horse owners dream to have such property. It will be very hard to find any horse owner who will not be wishing to have a personally owned acreage. If you are looking for some horse property for sale then you have to consider many things. This article will help you to have your dream horse property....more

It’s a Riding Lesson- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

It starts innocently enough, just like every other thing that happens around horses. A rider might have a problem with their horse, or maybe a goal. It sounds innocent enough....more

Horse Shows After My Father's Death

Now I understand why my mom didn't want me to start riding horses again. It wasn't that she thought it was too dangerous or too expensive (although I'm sure that was part of it). It was because she dreaded the phone call she received today – me in hysterics....more

Sraight From the Horse's Mouth

Anne KimballLife on the Funny Farm...more

For the love of horses

A childhood dream has FINALLY come to fruition! I am 38 years old and just bought my first horse last month! A beautiful chestnut roan Tenessee Walker. This blog is to share my adventures in this new world of horse ownership. I do not come from a horse family, in fact they think I am slightly nuts for doing this. But man am I thrilled! I welcome your comments and hope that for any other adult who has a dream of becommig a horse momma or poppa that this documentary of my experience helps you in coming to your own decision on horse ownership....more

My Favorite Joke(r)

It's day 1 of my NaBloPoMo entry for July. It's a good thing that I have writing prompts to guide me. It was a struggle for me at first to come up with a favorite joke - not because I have the absence of one, it's more of I have a number of them....more

Do you think it’s time to clean the truck?

My hay guy got a new truck- a pristine dually in a pearlized-platinum color, with near Porsche-like lines. That big diesel engine hums like a finely tuned tank.  If Tony Soprano had a truck, it would look like this. I liked it even more the second time I saw it, muddy and mussed. Should a dually really be this sexy?...more

Farm Friday - Ponies

Anne KimballBringing Borya HomeA few pictures of my ponies.My silly ones.My muddy, dirty goof-balls.My handsome boys.  ...more

Nope, it’s Me- I’m Too Sensitive (Part Two.)

“You know what your problem is? You’re too sensitive.” Ouch. Have you heard this? It feels like being accused of throwing like a girl. It’s dismissive. This definition of sensitive means I’m not dependable, that I’m an emotional liability. When I was younger, hearing this would make me defensive. My mind ran like a rat on a wheel, I choked on my tongue and my heart rate jumped.  I appeared… well… too sensitive....more

Farm Friday - All's quiet on the farm front

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home     It's Friday. Farm Friday.But it's been pretty quiet on the farm lately. No injuries or illnesses, no escapees, no births, no deaths.Maybe I'll just jot down a quick list of what I like about each of the critters. Not as individuals, mind you, but as groups. Just the farm critters, not the dogs and cats and small caged animals....more