22 minutes of fame

Yay! I watch House Hunters all of the time! I can't wait to see if the  house you pick is number ...more

Ranch Style House Time Traveler

 @Sue @ Housekaboodle NOTHING homier than a bungalow! They ooze charm and comfort. Our porch is ...more

Our Annual Spring House Blessing

Right before the first day of spring, as nature renews its spirit and strength, so goes the renewal of spirit and strength in our home. Every year we invite our priest over to our home and perform a "House Blessing" ceremony, or "Service of the Blessing of Water". Image: 依靈 via Flickr ...more
 @CarolynMullin Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Yes, God is with us always and ...more

Identity and Home

Since we've decided to buy a house in the suburbs...Wait. Did I mention that we actually decided this? If not, well, we did. We've been back and forth over the issue a lot, and since the economy seems to be picking up in our area, and since we do have the money to do it as long as it's a relatively inexpensive house, we've decided just to take the plunge because it seems like the financially right thing to do at this point in our lives....more

Would You Trade Your McMansion for a Cup of Coffee?

I think my neighborhood has a very high score :)more

Be it ever so humble

We've lived in this house for just over three months now, the latest in a long line of residents who have called this place home over the past hundred years or so. (One hundred years! I never thought I'd ever live in a place of that age, and sometimes wish the house could share its stories of all of those who came before. What an interesting conversation that would be!) ...more
@SunbonnetSmart.com Thank you so much, Robin! I really appreciate your kind words. :)more

This House Isn't Big Enough For Both of Us

I think one of the reasons that I got divorced (it's okay, it was 10 years ago, I'm fine), was the fact that we both worked from home. It didn't matter that his recording studio, a.k.a garage, was in the backyard and my office was in the house. It was too close for comfort. Of course the fact that I wasn't truly in love with him, might've had something to do with the divorce, but that's a whole other post. ...more

Are You Kidding Me? The Time the IRS Told Me I Owed $9,000

I bought my first home in May of 2008, a few months after graduating college but after accepting admission to a second tier graduate school in Waco, TX. We signed the papers such that I became the official owner of my beautiful condominium on June 1st, 2008 (I still cannot believe that I’ve been here for three years!). For a reference point, most graduate student stipends are $15,000-$20,000 a year (rollin' in the dough, clearly). Because the cost of living in Waco is significantly lower than Tacoma, WA, my mother and I worked out a budget where I could pay my mortgage and all my bills on my graduate student stipend. ...more