when I'm wrong

So here's the thing... one of my many flaws quirks is that I very adamantly dislike things. When Sperry's were all the rage back in 2007, I made fun of them. Loudly. When everyone was romping around town wearing rompers back in 2010, I laughed....more

on loving your neighbor as yourself

This weekend was one for the books. The biggest, fattest, encyclopedia-width books.  You see, this past Saturday at precisely 10am tickets for the Rodeo concerts went on sale.What's Rodeo? you ask. Good question. I'm still unclear about that, but I am clear on that fact that Darius Rucker is performing at Rodeo and that we had to get tickets to his concert. Had to....more

Seven Top Secret Things to Discover About Houston by visiting San Francisco. OK...so...they're not really so very secretive...O

We visited San Francisco over Spring Break and of course, now I want to live there. As soon I finish living in Kemah, Jerusalem, San Antonio, New York City and New Orleans. I'd link to my original post titled "Everywhere We Go, I Want to Live There", but it turns out that I posted that during my Flickr stage and the photos are not viewable until I have the chance to update them. ...more

Super Customer Service at Costume SuperCenter

Although I purchased tickets over a month ago for one of the world’s largest tours, also known as Marvel Live Universe; I neglected to begin shopping for a costume or anything of that nature to compliment the atmosphere. Well, all of that is not true. I actually did give thought to it, but what’s a thought without executing action toward fulfillment of that thought? Way too much for me to think about right now....more

Yesterday and Today, I sent my kids off to school in the rain

This is  repost from Perfect Chaos...more

Aaaaand Back To Alaska

I managed to get back to Alaska after two months in Houston.  I don't know how I did it but I managed to fit everything in two checked bags and two carry-on bags.  And my luggage definitely weighed more than I do but I got everything home.  We had a graduation ceremony before I left Texas.  So I had to get all dressed up and meet boss people.  It turned out to be pretty cool. I got to meet one of the VP's (the head of the Baroid product service line). He happened to have gone to Mines for his undergrad degree.  That made my day....more


Three words, humidity, heat, and food.  That pretty much sums up the past few weeks.  I have been pretty busy with work.  Really, I have....more

Some Things Are Bigger In Texas

Like the cockroaches.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Megan came to pick me up from my hotel this Saturday morning for some girl time bonding and catching up.  While we were having lunch Megan noticed an alarmingly large cockroach wandering about the room.  Needless to say, table after table started jumping up and lifting things up off the floor. It was a horrifying way to track the cockroaches progress around the room.  And just our luck the roach was finally intercepted and squashed right next to our table....more

A Visit to Space Center Houston

Have you ever wanted to know what’s like to be an astronaut? Space Center Houston’s got everything to help you become a space enthusiast....more

GenNXeix Biotech Inc Genomics Science Black Tie Ball:

San Francisco , (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) -- GenNXeix Biotech Inc announced Today at the J.P....more