How To Tell If Your Cat is a Jerk

This post was originally posted on My Year in the Making on February 20th 2015Happy Friday everyone! For once I’m actually writing a post right before I publish it, which makes me feel excited and uneasy all at once (yes, Virginia, this is what my life has become.) But today I wanted to address a topic that many cat parents struggle with, and that is how to tell if your cat is a jerk....more

A Plea for ME Time: Better than Divorce

If I wasn’t so in love with my husband I would definitely want a divorce....more

"Shake It Off"

With the good weather looming I am increasingly aware of the physical shape that I am in this winter. It’s not my best. So, I had to move the exercise line on my “to-do” list further up toward the top of the list....more

The Trouble With Mommy Blogs

I have a confession to make… and it has the potential to be both scandalous and life altering, if you don’t mind me over-stating the obvious. I mean… when have my confessions not been scandalous and life altering? Please. It’s the entire reason you read this blog, amiright?Ahem.Anyway, my confession is this:I kind of, sort of, really, truly hate….Mommy Blogs....more

I Saw a Black Car Today

I saw a black car today.I take it you need more of a visual.It was totally black.Not in a good way.Not “blacked out.” Regardless of how you feel about that, rest assured that is not what this was.Let’s put it this way; say there was this car owner who said, “Hey! I need my car washed.”...more

Oh, Get Over Yourself Already!

I’m so over picture perfect parenting posts on social media....more
Mels Musings e.flanders4228  lol...Mels, you should read my other post Babies Eat Poop. I'm with ...more

Who Mailed My Mom A Dick Pic?

Dick pics often happen when you least expect them. You’re scrolling through your Tumblr feed and out of the blue there’s a pretty graphic (fan-drawn) money shot of fictional characters getting it on across your screen, likely when there’s a nun or your boss walking behind you. Standing in a line at the deli there’s a Snapchat from a questionable acquaintance you met on Tinder who decides to get extra friendly by inviting you to dine on his gentlemen’s sausage. In this digital age, it’s an (unfortunate) fact of life that our generation has grown to grudgingly accept....more

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

5 simple happenings from the week worth celebrating.  Here's to watch week at dance class. (Dance class is mysterious in the sense that Vaughn goes in and 75 minutes later she comes out, not having anything to say about class, even with me prodding. Parents get 2 or 3 chances to go in and it's much appreciated.)...more

50 Shades of Momsie

50 Shades of Momsie   Oh, come on. You know I couldn’t leave it alone, right? ...more

Can I Really Break Up With My Belly Ring?

Dear belly ring,I’m breaking up with you. I’m sorry. It’s been a good run. Twelve years to be exact....more
JoulesDellinger 34 is not too old. No age is too old but you can be too young. Like a toddler ...more