How About One Shade of Grey? Fifty Seems too Daunting

Hello and welcome to the first meeting of Adults Who Have Never Read Fifty Shades of Grey.  Looks like we are a small gathering tonight – Marge, yes, I see you waving wildly over in the corner. And, yes, you, Jebediah, dear sister.  You don’t like the name Jebediah? Well, don’t say that so loudly because the whole Duggar family is sitting next to you.  They must have a Jebediah in there somewhere. What’s that you say, Jim Bob? You and Michelle read Fifty Shades to each other every night hence the large clan? Yes, you can be dismissed....more
Another blog that I am totally on board with. No wonder we get along so well!  Great job!more

Are You Suffering From Social Media Overdose?

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Stand-Up Paddleboarding -- The Easy Way

I wrote a post recently about the stand-up paddleboarding class I took this summer and how, although my legs quivered the wh...more

The Rotten Truth

My bananas have a pecking order.  They don’t know it. At least, I don’t think they know it.  Haven’t heard any grumblings coming from the fruit bowl, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  The “Top Bananas” are the ones just home from the grocery store.  So full of promise and potential with their shiny peels and greenish coloring.  Makes you just want to slice one up and add it to your cereal bowl.  But we don’t.  We eye them with suspicion.  “Too green. I’m not gonna touch them....more

Are You Following Me? Alice© At

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Party

I have been seeing green and Ninja’s…and I am not dreaming…Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (or TMNT) was the desired theme for a birthday party in my world and I was up for the challenge. I previously told you that I also challenged myself to “do” the party a little differently than I had done for my last few parties.For those parties I basically did one-stop online shopping and got all the party supplies from one place and birthday gifts from another. Bang…done.Nothing wrong with that!...more

I'm Seeing Green!

It’s not money.It’s not envy.It’s turtles.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have a boy’s birthday party coming up and the desired theme was TMNT…that’s the cool way to say “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. And it just so happens that I know a lot about these TMNT. That’s the cool way to say that I am a cool mom....more

Confiscating my Doughnut

This morning after I had my annual lady-flower checkup appointment, I decided to stop by the gas station to fill up and grab myself a little treat. After filling up my tank and paying at the pump, I went inside and got myself two donuts and a medium coffee.I stood in the long line, fantasizing about biting into the sugary goodness of my Krispie Kreme and slowly made my way towards the front. There seemed to be some sort of hold up on one of the registers, but I ignored it and huffed the smell of my vanilla flavored coffee....more

You Say Tomato, Nail Polish Manufacturers Say Cha-Ching Cherry

They say nothing in life is black and white. Now let me translate that into nail polish speak:  Nothing in life is Queen of the Road and Funny Bunny.  Huh? Makes absolutely no sense to us common folk, but apparently if you market nail polish, it makes perfect sense.  I think the brass at OPI are just yanking our chain and we’re playing right into their hands…and nails....more

You Should See the Other Guy

I swear - 6 foot 5 or so, and laid my husband out on the ground groaning in pain.It's not what you think. He's fine. A little sheepish about being laid out on the ground by the situation, but fine.It started as a normal day. Admittedly, we were stressed because there was enough water dripping in the garage to have made a mess of the ceiling and so someone was coming to take a look at that, but all in all, it was a normal day....more