I Laugh, You Laugh, We All Laugh

Once, when I was a teenager, there was this woman who had just gotten a two-scoop ice cream cone from one of the ice cream shops in the mall. As she was walking away from the counter and started to take that first scrumptious lick, the two scoops flopped right out of her cone onto the floor....more
maggie74 It's amazing how the little ones do that. As long as they're not hurt, that's all that ...more

Why Is My Creepy Neighbor Texting Me?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My family is on friendly terms with our next-door neighbors and has been for a few years. However, the husband of the family has recently started sending me texts. Nothing too weird, things like, "How is your day?" and "Love this weather!" but I find it really strange. I don't know if he's hitting on me or what. I feel like if I confront him on it, I might be really embarrassed when he says he's just friendly. However, I would like it to stop. Advice?Signed,Stop Texting Me...more
allison.arnone I agree with you, it's weird and he shouldn't be texting her, good intentions or not.more

The Step-By-Step Descent Into Toy Assembly Rage

I’m not sure how I dodged this essential parenting rite of passage for so long, but somehow this Christmas, my daughter’s fourth year leaving out cookies and Scotch, was the first time I had to assemble a toy. On that fateful morning, I re-heated my second cup of coffee, waved off my husband’s help and cracked open the box. I was so innocent, so care free, so confident in my adult abilities to follow basic instructions. ...more

Tiny Houses

So I'm guessing most of you are familiar with The Next Big Thing, which turns out to be Tiny Houses. I see a fafillion of them in my facebook newsfeed - some of them are so adorable! Energy efficient, cost effective - many are pretty much completely run on solar power. I think there's even a TV show about Tiny Houses on a cable channel....more

What Would Louie Zamerini Think?

  Complaining was a lot more fun before I read the book Unbroken....more

World Class Empathy And Feeling Sorry For Dead Batteries

I’m not bragging, but I have a rather large capacity for empathy. Is it greater than yours? Maybe. Do you empathize with waiters of demanding people? Homeless folks in winter? NFL kickers who blow a win? Me, too; that's child's play....more

Why 40 Is Not The New 20

Why 40 Is Not The New 20Posted on January 15, 2015by The ...more

The Ridiculous Price of Food: Costco or Disneyland?

Last Monday I went to Costco and bought just enough to get us by for a while.Milk, bread, eggs, cheese, veg, meat, etc.  A couple other things, I’m sure.  Canned tomatoes, toilet paper and a pineapple from what I remember off the top of my head.It came out to $300, which was more than I was expecting…but that is about what we spend for a  shopping trip.It’s just that it used to be $300 for a big trip, when we stock up on everything; and now it is $300 for a “cover the bases” trip....more

The Funny Thing About Depression

15Jan2015The Funny Thing About Depression Posted in Faith, family, M...more
This is a really honest piece.  Depression is so complicated and this totally reflects that. ...more

Rule #1 of Baking: Always Blame Your Oven

All it took was a birthday cake to make me feel humbled. When I asked my daughter what she wanted for her birthday dessert, she immediately answered, “Carrot cake.” No big surprise there; that’s what she always wants for her birthday, but I thought I’d better double check just in case – teenage girls can be so fickle. A carrot cake I could handle. No need to call in the big guns for that one. (The big guns being the local supermarket bakery.) I read a few recipes, bought some carrots and some candles, and set to work. Easy enough, really....more