Ten surefire gifts for any mom on your list this Christmas

Well, it’s Christmas week*.  I don’t know how that happened (time has lost all meaning since I became a parent), but it did. ...more

Because Nothing Says Romance Like A Bread Maker

The tree was dead. Completely dead. Brown, crispy, surrounded-by-a-circle-of-needles-half-naked dead. And under it was a bread maker, that he swears to this day had no ulterior motive....more

I Don't Want Anyone To Die For Me, I Just Want A Barbie

The moment my Dad lined the three of us up along the lip of our harvest gold and walnut couch, I knew it was a trap. I may have been seven years old, but I was savvy enough to see through “Do you know what Christmas is really about?”“Jesus!” I proudly parroted, certain I had just saved myself and siblings from the ensuing spiel. And then he turned to my six-year-old brother.“Do you know what Christmas is really about?”...more

Amish Underpants and All

“Are you at the good Denny’s?”Three motels, one with its hourly rate proudly posted, and the adult bookstore directly across the street made it clear I was not....more

Happy links, in case you need a break from politics

I don’t know about you, but I’m counting minutes until the election ends so that for better or worse, at least my social media and mailbox won’t be bursting with political ads (for awhile anyway). If you’re looking for a break from politics, may I recommend some serious cuteness, coolness, and hilarity?Four-year old befriends elderly man. Overwhelming cuteness ensues. Sniffled my way through this one, but in a good way....more

The Challenge

“The challenge,” Prunebutt mused, “is not to think too far ahead.” It referred, of course, to my compulsive, headlong commitment to things like NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo. I used to refer to these as “Nah, go blow me” and “Nah, no wri’ mo…” but I’ve stuck with the latter, more out of a sense of tradition than anything else, for fifteen years....Read more....more

10 Thoughts Every Parent Has at Cornbelly's

Wait- you don't know what Cornbelly's is? You must not live in Utah then. Let me explain. It's like a fall festival on steroids. As if some farmer took one too many falls off the wagon and decided to keep building an amusement park until he ran out of space. Don't get me wrong. It's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.The corn maze is gigantic and voted in a USA Today Reader's Choice Poll as one of the top ten mazes in America....more

Count On It!

Suddenly it’s all about counting. Everything! In every area of life! How many? How far? How much? But if we didn’t quantify it, how could we know exactly how much success we were having? And that’s the most important thing, right? And the numbers don’t lie…unless we help them out just a bit.How many steps in a day?Just the ones the device actually counted? Or all of them?...more

Heel Thyself

It is a constant crust that cannot be cut away. The loser piece of the loaf. The beginning that must be gotten through and the end that must be endured. The heel. And I will not have it!...more