I Saw a Black Car Today

I saw a black car today.I take it you need more of a visual.It was totally black.Not in a good way.Not “blacked out.” Regardless of how you feel about that, rest assured that is not what this was.Let’s put it this way; say there was this car owner who said, “Hey! I need my car washed.”...more

Oh, Get Over Yourself Already!

I’m so over picture perfect parenting posts on social media....more
Mels Musings e.flanders4228  lol...Mels, you should read my other post Babies Eat Poop. I'm with ...more

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

5 simple happenings from the week worth celebrating.  Here's to watch week at dance class. (Dance class is mysterious in the sense that Vaughn goes in and 75 minutes later she comes out, not having anything to say about class, even with me prodding. Parents get 2 or 3 chances to go in and it's much appreciated.)...more

50 Shades of Momsie

50 Shades of Momsie   Oh, come on. You know I couldn’t leave it alone, right? ...more

Can I Really Break Up With My Belly Ring?

Dear belly ring,I’m breaking up with you. I’m sorry. It’s been a good run. Twelve years to be exact....more
You know, that was the perfect mix of sweet and funny. Like your writing style a lot!more

Flip Flop Wishes and Warm Weather Dreams

We finally got snow last week. The kids played, school was cancelled, and now I'm officially ready for winter to be over. Mother Nature is killing me because the Feels Like Temp is -6 degrees right now. The state of my skin and cuticles are in dire condition due to the cold, but the show must go on. Errands still need running and kids still need chauffeuring to nightly activities despite all urges to hibernate through these cold months wearing sweats and watching Netflix. ...more

Brown people problems versus white people problems

Last summer when I took the animals offspring to the park one beautiful lazy Saturday, I overheard a ‘white guy’ conversation about ‘white people’ problems. He was complaining about what a pain in the ass his ex-wife was. I felt sorry for him, of course I don’t know what her side of the story was. Maybe he was just a pathological liar. Some months later in a different park, I overheard a conversation between a young  wife and her husband....more

My Own Personal Rom-Com: Clueless in St. Louis

Valentine’s Day at our house is less like a Hallmark holiday and more like The Newlywed Game. For years, Barney has echoed the sentiment of other unromantic husbands and declared February 14th a greeting card sham, a scheme perpetrated and upheld by the female population. I think that’s a terribly unoriginal and narrow-minded view seeing as how just a couple of weeks prior football fanatics in this country thought the day after Super Bowl should be declared a national holiday. Give me a break....more