How to Prepare the Perfect Family Dinner

Step 1: Before you begin, double-check the recipe and make sure you still have all the ingredients. If you don’t, scream into where the missing ingredient should be (fridge, cupboard, etc.), "Who the hell ate all the [missing ingredient]?" Then Google: "What can I use to replace [missing ingredient] in a recipe?" ...more
Sounds spot on!more

Laugh at yourself. Everyone else is.

I don't exchange holiday gifts with my in laws. We usually fly to them for Thanksgiving and time spent together is better than time spent, possibly wasted, trying to find a gift we hope each other likes. So this year when my sister in law told us to keep an eye out for two packages, I couldn't imagine what was coming. The first one arrived in a cylinder shaped box. It turned out to be an original Rocky poster for my husband (yes, Rocky, circa 1976. Pretty cool). So, I was on alert that the next package was "more for Jen." (I'm Jen at home)...more

My Sister Got a Hole in Her Head on My Watch

 I was a mature 10-year-old and my younger sister, Reena was only three when we were  enjoying all the glories of new immigrant life in the Housing Projects of Queens. Aside from the male jogger who hung upside down, dangling his junk in front of us, everything from this period blends together like a hazy blur. There are few memories that stand out, but the one I remember most is the the time my sister got a hole in her head. ...more

3 ways Kate Middleton's parenting experiences are a bit like mine

Undoubtably, there are about a million more ways in which the Duchess of Cambridge (DoC)’s parenting life is different to mine than there are similar. With hot and cold running staff on tap to provide the essentials – and extras – needed to give that little bit of extra support when times get trying, I am sure Kate finds it a bit easier to change Charlotte’s bum whilst playing ‘banana catch’ with George than I do....more

Share If You Agree

I’m not afraid to say I’m sorry—and some of these apologies are long overdue. Facebook has done all it can do to help us declare our love, devotion and allegiances; but I feel like I’ve not only let them down, but scores of others, due to my unwillingness to share what I’m told to share. Let’s go....more

Stop, Drop, and Go. The Beauty of a Gift Bag.

There could be great debate about the best thing invented this last half century. A case could be made for the DVR, the cell phone, the 3D printer. All good choices, and there are many, many more that could vie for top honors. My vote? The humble gift bag. Without research to back my claims, I assert that the gift bag is the single greatest thing to hit the market since, well, wrapping paper. I would have a hard time coming up with good debate points on the merits of wrapping paper versus other common household items though....more

I Hope A Board Game Is Under Every Christmas Tree (As Long As It Isn't Cards Against Humanity)

In our household, instead of two Turtle Doves and Three French Hens, we had Book Night and Game Night on the second and third nights of Hanukkah. This was when my kids were younger and I could still ply them with underwear and pajamas without hearing too many groans, and the promise of crispy, oil-soaked latkes was enough to lure them away from their recently acquired video games. ...more
If you like Apples to Apples, but Cards Against Humanity was too much, I suggest "Metagame"- ...more

Confessions of a Grinchy Mom

It’s that time of year again. Time to trim the trees, light the menorahs and buy gifts for the holidays. ...more

9 Ways to Survive Traveling with Kids

Tis the season for parties, traditions, and family gatherings near and far—all of which you might be shunning or dreading now that you have a plus one in tow. But fear not! Heeding this advice will have you dashing through the season like you’re on a one-horse open sleigh....more

Mr. Tan Shoes and Me at KFC

The other night at KFC, an older guy came in while I was waiting for my order. His hair was completely white and he wore those tan orthopedic shoes that are popular with folks fed up with pretending. He ordered a big bucket of chicken and two sides. Just like me....more