Starting a Blog - My Opening Remarks


Pest Control

Zap! Crackle! Sizzle! Booyah! I got another one! What an adrenaline rush! Don’t believe me? Well, you try falling asleep with one of those blood suckers’ persistent buzzing in your ear at 2 am. What I don’t get is, how, and I mean, how do they know where your ear is? Why the ear?!...more

Tell A Joke, Save a Life

If laughter is indeed the best medicine, it would explain why I never feel well. I’m just not the ha-ha type. I always knew I lacked the rip-roaring gene, but I never really thought much about it. Until Marge made a comment. All it takes is one aside from my mother and I feel myself bristle. “You don’t laugh much, Amy, but when you do, you kind of have a nervous laugh,” she felt fit to share. It was on the heels of a recent hair appointment I went to with my daughter....more

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I promised my friend I would go to see his production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But I’ve never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show and, aside from some scantily clad cross-dressing, I do NOT know what I’m getting myself into. I do know that we’re not allowed to throw things like they do in the movie theaters because apparently it’s rude to throw things at people.So I decided to watch the 1975 movie in preparation…...more

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles/An Open Letter to Kevin Bacon?

There are not a lot of Thanksgiving movies to chose from, so this one always come to mind when November roles around. However, this movie makes me so angry. Only one John Hughes movie makes me more irate than this (She’s Having a Baby) and I don’t think it’s just because Kevin Bacon appears in both of them. But on that note:...more

The Five Things I Miss the Most About College

I just spent family weekend at my oldest son's college and boy, did I notice the age gap between college kids and me. I don't usually feel old; I usually think I'm around 23 until I try to stand up too quickly and I pull something, but spending the weekend with a bunch of college students was eye opening. Let me clarify, it wasn't so much that I felt old as it was that I felt that college was such a long time ago....more

Find My Friends = Free Virtual Road Trip!

oKatniss blogs at The Cardboard Kitty, is mom to two on the spectrum, and used to have a life, but now feeds fish and yells at cats all day.  ...more

Tales from the Dork Side: Reincarnation

Vin and I took the kids to Irvine Park to wear them out after a long day of general buttholishness, hoping lots of exercise would make them tolerable. Before you think I’m an a-hole for saying my kids are buttholish? You’ve been there. Butt out.But that’s not what this is about, so stay with me....more

5 Pieces of Advice on Success, Among Other Stuff

Hi Readers,A few things on my mind this week.1. My study. It's a disaster area. I'm waiting for missing parts to arrive before the husband gets my new shelves up and I can finally organize my stuff. Not that I’m going to be a neatnik. It’s not in my genetics. I like some mess. But I like it organized. Organized mess. ...more

Saved by the Bell: Teen-Line

Warning: This is a Tori episode.In the alternate reality where Kelly and Jessie don’t exist, new-girl Tori suggests that Bayside implement an anonymous Teen helpline. Basically, these kids just give really bad advice to their peers with no adult supervision. Everything is going okay until Zack gets a call from “Melissa.” (Also, guys. You may have known about the unsightly gum infections smoking can cause, but did you know that smoking can cause sinusitis as well? Thanks to the poster behind Zack’s head, we can all remember to just say no.)...more