An Open Letter to Wannabe European Hipsters

Dear Wannabe European Hipsters,As happy as I am that you had the opportunity to backpack around Europe for a year, this by no means makes you a bonafide European nor does it improve upon your really cool pathetic Hipster-like tendencies. The fact of the matter is, you’re simply trying to hard as evidenced by the following:...more

An Open Letter From the Baby Before Her First Birthday

To Anyone Who Cares:I have a birthday coming up. It's the BIG 0-1! I heard Mom stressin' a bit, wondering if she was making it as special as she did for my older sister's (I think she just let people know via Facebook about my "party", as opposed to the nice invites from Tinyprints, sent out for Big Sis, two years ago), but honestly, I could care less!...more


MyHartEnt ...more

Random Things I've Learned Since Having Kids

B elow is a random list of things that I've realized since becoming a mom. I’m quite sure this list will be updated often.Your child will embarrass you at the most inopportune times usually by pulling out a booger in front of a perfect stranger.When you have a new baby, if you aren't driving you have to sit in the back seat (this is something I really struggle with).Taking the escalator is a thing of the past. You might as well roll that stroller on to the elevator and wait behind 5 other moms....more

Everyone Has Gone Completely Insane

Um…So…Yeah…Can I just take a moment to vent? Because this is how I feel right now…It’s ALL. TOO. MUCH....more

Dear Diary, I'm A Floozy

Last week I had a conversation with a co-worker about why some people seem to have no self-awareness. We questioned why some people don’t pick up on social cues; why they can’t tell when they’ve intruded on a conversation; why they don’t read the faces of those who are negatively receiving the words they’re delivering. We puzzled over some people’s inability to read the unfavorable reactions of others....more


There are lots of people in this world getting braver and healthier by risking authenticity. It's no small thing, and we each come to it in different ways at different junctions over the course of a lifetime. I hope. Heaven knows we are entitled to do so, but even that kind of sunshine can dawn slowly....more
"We are not done until children are unafraid to be who their whispering soul tells them they ...more

Stop Guilting People About Snacks and Their Bodies

A few days ago, my boss purchased a fun little candy dispenser from Costco. We've been trying to make our office more welcoming for teachers to come work. So when she came across this awesome little candy machine, she went for it. We filled it to the brim with Peanut M&M's and mini Hershey bars and placed it by our door. ...more
SherylRose I'm so glad you enjoyed the post and thank you so much for your comment!  I think ...more

A Mommy Minion Mashup

Yesterday, I was cuddling my five year old daughter, Spock. (Yes, big surprise there.) Spock was being extra-adorable, saying how much she loved me and how glad she was that I was her mommy, and other things that turned me into a puddle of goo. She also told me I was a ‘perfect’ mommy. There is no such animal. I told her that I wasn’t perfect, but that I wished that I was. I would love to be a perfect mommy.Spock thought for about a nanosecond and then piped up with, “I know what could make you perfect! If you did my bidding!”...more

Things You'll Never Hear Me Say

I make every attempt possible to never say never. I even outlined my reasoning behind this ongoing personal goal here.But this is different. Even though I don’t say things like, “I’ll never get a bad tattoo” or “I’ll never leave the oven on” (for fear of eating my words), I’m relatively certain you’ll never hear me say any of the following.“No, thanks—I’m not really in the mood to hold your baby.”...more