The Amazing and True Adventures of Squash and Pumpkin

Squash and Pumpkin do some light cleaning. Susan Loper/Thoughtful Consumption My friend and blogging buddy Susan has a whimsical wit and a CSA subscription. Some folks open up their produce boxes and see supper on the hoof (so to speak); Susan sees comic opportunity. Last fall, she took the weekly cucurbitae and had a little fun, with a post called “More Fun with Squash and Pumpkin.” Squash and Pumpkin plan Halloween mischief. Susan Loper/Thoughtful Consumption Just like other vegetable tales that met with mainstream success (“Attack of the Killer Tomatoes,” “VeggieTales” and many many movies with Sylvester Stallone), Squash and Pumpkin sprouted sequels:For more about Squash and Pumpkin, head over to A Cook and Her Books...more
Hahaha! They are stylin'!more

A Real-Life Kiss-Off from "Mike the Magician"

I am not that into astrology, so imagine my surprise when I met this guy online who appeared normal but turned out to be WAYYY too into his psychic friends.  Let me explain.   "Mike" and I had hit if off electronically, exchanged some flirty e-mails, and were heading down the path to eventually meeting in person.  Apparently, my astrological sign was a deal breaker. ...more

Inventions We'd Like To See

There's been a lot of talk in the beauty industry lately about multi-tasking products. You've probably seen ads for some of them:  eye creams that disguise and treat, self-tanners that also moisturize and exfoliate, toothpastes that clean and whiten.But I think we can do better. We are living in a modern, industrialized culture, after all. Humans have traveled in space. We can shop for a dizzying array of products that we don't need, online, 24 hours a day, without changing out of our pajamas. Drive-through hamburgers are available at every major intersection.  And there's enough reality TV programming to fill every channel, around the clock, for the rest of our lifetimes. Image: Pink Sherbet Photography via Flickr ...more
I'm new here and just read this post. Great inventions! I'd love to see a tooth-whitening coffee ...more

How To Survive Parents' Night, Together or Apart

I read in the newspaper the other day that money, addiction and sex are the main causes for divorce.  But I think the reporter overlooked what must be the biggest cause:  Parent’s Night.  There isn’t a couple I know who doesn’t break into hives or involuntary twitching at the mention of having to sit through two hours of assemblies and parent/teacher conferences.   I have seen solid unions reduced to ruins after only an hour of enduring a fifth-grade teacher conference.  They ought to consider adding something in the vows about committing to Parent’s Night....more
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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!

Early this morning my friend Jeanne and I went antiquing.  We were hunting for Victorian era photographs of little girls for a project we’re working on and found over thirty lovely examples which captured the height of Victorian fashion and accessories:complicated clothing layers which included pinafores, long black wool or thick cotton stockings, white petticoats,...more
Every word is true - I swear! I have a big 'Chica Peeps' party going on this weekend and I'm ...more

Motherhood: The Hardest Job on the Planet?

Motherhood. Is it really all that hard?A friend recently sent me a YouTube clip of a comedian doing a bit about how Oprah has labeled motherhood as the most difficult job in the world....more

Standing in Line with Boris

 I ran into Boris again, the third time it's hap...more

Driving to the Altar

I love cars....more

In the Event of My Disappearance...

Well, the moving issue has again reared its ugly head. Though, with a little time and distance, I've made some peace with it. I think it might actually be okay were it to happen.Though let's, just for shits and giggles, dive on into the depths of my irrationality about all this...I've sat straight up in bed, in a cold sweat, thinking about these things. (Don't laugh. I'm serious.)And, though most of it is tempered now, I do think you may enjoy frolicking in the brambles of my mind, at least for a little while......more
Big moves are very scary! We moved half way across the country over three ago and survived...I ...more


I was just pondering some of the things we (women) say to each other when it comes to fashion.  There are some pretty standard comments we make as part of our meet-greet with our girlfriends.  However, I'm thinking there is some hidden (true) meaning in the "Girlfriend-ese" we use with one another, and I just wanted to share some of my "what I was really thinking" insight.                                ...more