Welcome Home, Honey

*I have lovingly nicknamed my daughters The Tortoise and The Hare. The Tortoise is 13 and The Hare is 9. DW is my husband. Get to know them better at, My Pajama Days.  Having children four years apart has its advantages and disadvantages....more

Growing Up Juju (part 5 in a series)

Juju was standing in the main hall of Harrison Lane Elementary with 10 boys and girls in front and about the same behind her. At the end of the hall, sat the school nurse, all 300 pounds of her at a card table....more

Just an Old Fashion Girl

 When my husband, Marc, and I went to Florida in January, my mom gave him a gift card for a music and video store for his birthday. Before she drove us to the airport, she took us to the mall, so Marc could use his present.  When we reached the airport, we had some time to kill because our flight was delayed. Marc decided to use the opportunity to open up all the CDs and DVDs he just got to better check them out. The plastic wrapping was stubborn, and didn't easily come off....more

I think I have a new use for that pencil! But, you are right....There is nothing better for a ...more

My Passover with Cher

I wrote this in honor of Passover AND Cher. I invited Cher, Baruch Hashem, to my mom and dad’s house last year for Pesach. I didn’t know if she already had Seder plans or if she’d be too tuckered out from her, “This is my last farewell tour,” farewell tour, but I thought I'd tweet her anyway. ...more

Kindergarten Coiffure

Last Friday was like any other day.  The girls came home on the bus.  They played outside until it started to get dark.  We were all tired from the long week so we decided to have pizza for dinner.  After dinner we watched a movie together, and then it was time for Hunter to go to bed.  She went to her room, put on her pajamas and brushed her teeth.  As she was leaning over to kiss us goodnight, I noticed something wrong.  She had bangs where she didn’t have them before....Continue...more

Kids today don't know they are born. This is a waffly post

In the olden days, school was an entirely different affair to what it is today. ...more

I nearly got kidnapped in Moscow and it was quite annoying

So you all know about the blog Bodacious Boomer don't you? Of course you bloody do, she is one of the Universe's most prolific and entertaining bloggers. Well, to give you a bit of background, BB has been working away from home for the last month, and she asked me to do a guest blog because she had limited internet connection and needed someone to fill in for her. Yeh, I know! I was also amazed that she asked me.   ...more

I don't want to feel stabby. I just want a ceiling fan.

Maturity is leaving when you start to feel stabby, not waiting to be escorted out for acting that way.I know. Quality thoughts like that must be Confucius, but I actually get credit for it. Well, it wasn't all me. The sales jerk clerk at a nationally-known home improvement store inspired the revelation.Summer is coming and my daughter's room stays warmer than any other room in the house. She's got a cute, girly ceiling fan in a room that is massive. She needs a bigger fan....more

Decisions, decisions

My husband, Marc, and I were getting ready to go out to dinner.  He was putting on his shoes, and I was grabbing my coat, when we heard a sad, little meow. We both looked down to see Alex, the cat, sitting near the garage door staring at us, with big, unhappy eyes.  If he could speak, he would ask, "What is wrong with you two?  Why are you going out?  Don't you want to stay here with me?" "He looks sad," I said to Marc. "Yeah, I know.  He probably doesn't want us to go out," Marc replied. As I scrunched up my face in distress, I said,...more

We did give him some Breyers once we got home... That cat takes after his dad... He LOVES his ...more

Stilettos in the Mud

Stilettos in the Mud as just joined Blogher! I am so excited to take a look at all the wonderful writing featured here. If it catches your fancy...come check us out too!www.stilettosinthemud.com...more