The Long Hair Cold War

Does your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend love long hair. Do you want to cut your hair off but are concerned that your significant other will wither up and die from disappointment? Trimming your tresses will prompt his soul to shatter into a thousand little hair sized shards on the salon floor?Well ladies (and gents, if that's how you roll) I have been staging a cold war against R on this for a while now and I am willing to share my battle plans and tactics for I think that I am finally breaking him. Oh, he'll deny it, but how much more can he really take?...more

Have I Got a Deal for You?

As my mom neared the front of the supermarket checkout line, the man behind her noticed that she had a package of over the counter stomach medicine in her cart. “Excuse me?” he asked, getting her attention.  “How much do they charge for those?” ...more
I know... How crazy is it...I don't think she thought of reporting him (I know I didn't when she ...more

What's Wrong with Bert?

My husband is the kind of consumer that companies hate. He buys what's on sale - without any brand loyalty. The last several boxes of diapers he's brought home have featured characters from Sesame Street. I believe I have complained in the past about how it's practically impossible to find a diaper that doesn't feature some licensed character on it. I also believe I have suggested my excellent idea for no-name diapers which, instead of Dora the Explorer, have the words FRONT and BACK emblazoned on them....more

It's a Tan Thing

You know how some people seem to just be really lucky? Like everything goes their way and works out for them and they look really cute all the time and everyone in the world likes them and wants to be their friend and they usually happen to also be really creative and smart? I know. Those people drive me nuts, too. Anyway, I'm so not one of those people. I feel lucky about some things, I guess--the important things like family and work. But when it comes to the random things in life, I can be really unlucky. Here's a great example. I don't like tanning....more

Round Ireland with a Fridge

"A completely purpose-less idea, but a damn fine one" perfectly describes the premise of Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks. It's the true story of a failing English comedian's quirky mid life crisis. ...more

10, 9, 8, oh crap

I’ve got about 10 minutes to post in order to beat the NaBloPoMo deadline.  Will I make it!?I can’t think of a topic.  (Hence why I took so long.)tick….9I post to twitter.  “Someone save me!”  Kristen throws me a life line…”Do a tick tock theme.”  (Someone remind me to buy some of her cookies or something.)tock….8...more

Animal Lover Part I: The Saga Begins

I originally published this post back in December of 2010, when no one read my blog but my parents and my pet cat. It is actually pretty good. But it is very long. So, with a nod to Star Wars, I am breaking it into a trilogy and re-publishing it. Enjoy! ...more

The Forty Dollar Pillow Sham!

I have decided I HATE shopping for sheets!!!In my attempt to SAVE money I somehow ended up buying  a $40.00 or $39.99 Pillow Sham, and yes you are reading that correctly, that is ONE FLIPPING SHAM!!...more

Better Put a Ring On It…

But fellas, before you do, please make sure she’s going to say yes. And if you’re not 110% sure, then PLEASE don’t do it on National TV.  I felt so sorry for this guy when I saw this video today… I think the roaming emcee did a pretty good job at covering up but man! the girl could have said yes and then taken it back later.(Not sure if video will embed so the link is below in the title) ...more
I couldn't see your video, but poor guy!! I'll have to go find the video on YouTube. Cute ...more

In which my eight year old splits an atom

As we head into our second semester of homeschooling, I thought it might be fun to give a little update on how things are going so far. Fun for me, anyway. This has the potential to be wildly boring for you.I'm kidding!Please keep reading...So after four months of homeschooling, we've got a few things solidly under our belts. Those things are, in no particular order:- The kids can all read Latin fluently.- I churn butter every night before bed.- Tia knits daily. Yesterday she made me a sweater.- Landon is reading Socrates....more