My Garden is Nicer Than Yours. And I Have the Name Badge to Prove It.

Yesterday was the annual Garden Walk in our fair cities, where gardening is a religion.  The Garden Walk is an event where you pay lots of money to walk through other people's gardens that are much nicer than yours will ever be.  Like many religious ceremonies which purport to inspire you to transcend your human flaws and encourage you to be a better person, this one shows you examples of what you should aspire to be, highlights your sins (envy, sloth, greed), and leaves you feeling grovelly and inadequate.  To combat this,...more

Hehehehe, I don't usually do garden tours for the exact reasons you first mentioned, but I would ...more

The Little House That Love Decorated

Last year, in an attempt to make Hunter happy in her new country home,we bought her a playhouse.  I had always wanted one when I was little, and I thought it would be the perfect thing for a five-year-old feeling lost in the country.  After negotiating with Colby, I purchased a house, without the knowledge that it wasn’t a simple plastic playhouse that would snap together.  Rather, it was a wooden house with thousands of small pieces that Colby need power tools to assemble....more

Travel Prophylactics: Tips to Keep You and Your Wallet Safe

To celebrate the arrival of summer we're sharing our key travel advice to keep both you and your wallet safe: ...more

I'm crazy, crazy for feelin' so....

My husband, Marc, and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner.  We were going to be smoking lamb chops on the Big Green Egg.  But, since we made a turkey a few days earlier, he was going to warm some of it up as well. ...more

I need all the help I can get... I am holding on to my laugh as long as I can.... because if I ...more

Blogger Guilt, The Life of a 32 Year Old Single Girl, and a Clothing Crisis

I have major guilt over the lack of entries in my blog entry.  I was so good at the beginning - I was blogging everyday.  But I didn't do what people told me to do...and now the guilt has set in.  I mean I was expecting it....I am Catholic after all.  There is always guilt! But in the blogging world there is no confessional.  So I can only keep moving forward and trying to do better and in the meantime, take my penance. As a peace offering, I offer up a story of today's panic attack which involved me possibly forgetting what I wore on my last da...more

Unintentionally Raising My Menopausal Blood Pressure

12:20 p.m., empty and hungry, I stood in front of the refrigerator blankly staring in, listening to the automatic ding, ding coming from the fridge—alerting that I was wasting precious energy. I stood there silently crying, trying to decide just what I wanted to eat, or if I should eat at all! I finally took out some leftover grilled flank steak, held the plate in my hands, thought a moment, and put it back. Then I took out a flat of eggs and held it in my hands; I thought another moment, and then put them back too....more

Hi Melanie, it is so very nice to hear from you always! :)

I am not a real sugar ...more

The Girrrl's Guide to Online Dating Profile Writing

Here’s your story: you are newly single or have been single for your whole life. Your friends and parents all too often ask you when you’re going to “find someone” and caution you about being “too picky.” You don’t really think you are picky; it’s just that the four guys you typically run into in a workday are not prime “man” material. So, you talk to your friend who has been doing some online dating. You’ve heard her stories and thought to yourself “Thank God. At least I’m not having to deal with all of that!” as you secretly were wishing you WERE dealing with all of that!...more

Good Fathers VS. Sperm Donors

I think there are a lot of Mother's that should be celebrated on Father's day. Not all mothers, just those women who are raising kids alone. So many children are lacking a father figure. They are being raised by a women who has had to step up and be what her children need. So, Congrats! to all those women out there! Your kids are lucky you are so strong. You are a hero for being what that man couldn't or wouldn't be. There is a big difference between a good Father, a average Father, a bad father, & a father that is so bad he is thought of only as "The Sperm Donor". ...more

when it rains it pours....

From the day my husband, Marc, walked into his house for the first time, he was plagued by leaks.  By the time he met me, he was able to rectify some of them.  However, over the ten years we have been together, he has continued to do, as I call it, “LSI” – leak scene investigation.  Despite the fact that we have put on a new roof, used a million tubes of caulking, redid our balconies, and reinstalled the sliding glass doors, water continued to come into the house.  Each attempt decreased the water flow, but the damage continued.  As a last resort, we were advised th...more

Surviving 5 Kids and Fundraisers

Hello there, would you like to buy a $3 candy bar? How about seven pounds of frozen cookie dough? Not much of a sweet tooth, huh? That’s okay, how about a pepperoni roll, tickets to the pancake breakfast—or maybe the spaghetti dinner? Oh. You’re on a diet. I understand—I would be, too, if I didn’t have kids.  Maybe you would be more interested in a magazine subscription? Or a high-fragrance, flameless, candle substitute? Maybe a discount card that offers insignificant savings from places you rarely visit? Ooh, better yet, forget the card; I’m selling a whole discount book. Where are you going? Wait! Don’t forget to swing by the carwash so kids who have never washed a vehicle in their lives can scratch up yours! Just drop your spare change in the can on your way out!...more

Every year we have to sell raffle tickets for hockey. However, we have no family in the ...more