"Stand-Up Biology" by guest blogger Brian Leiken

  "Stand-Up Biology" by guest blogger Brian Leiken Third block biology is a bitch.The class has improved slightl...more

An open apology to hotels all over the world

Dear Hotels All Over the World,I apologize, on behalf of my daughter, for the havoc we have wreaked - and will wreak in the future - in your fine establishments. You see, my husband and I love to travel and we believe, for some reason, that we can still do so even though we now have a toddler in tow. It isn't until I'm in a hotel room for the 237th time that I remember why it is that sane people do not travel with little ones.So that our stay may be a little easier - on us, and you - allow me to please make a few suggestions:...more

Monique Lawless - the Walmart hero - The Universe has such a sense of humor!

I absolutely love to laugh. It is one of my favorite past-times. I find humor in many things – maybe even things that I shouldn’t, because sometimes they are just too inappropriate. However, I have to confess that some of my guilty pleasures include watching inappropriate You Tube videos, and the TV show Funniest Home Videos and stand-up comedians. I have a HUGE appreciation and admiration for those with quick wit and the ability to see and expose the crazy irony in everyday situations....more

The Suck and Sealer

There are few kitchen appliance that I love more than my Food Saver, affectionately know as the Suck and Sealer (S&S).  I love to cook and I make dinner for my family, on average, six days a week.  So, kitchen toys are a necessity…and just plain fun....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

3 Parenting Lessons From Celebrity Rehab 5

The way I see it, I'm Dr. Drew Pinksy and my kids are all those crazy druggie celebrities. Someone call CPS. Pump the brakes! Back 'er up! Let me qualify that statement....more

BOOZE OR BACON BLOG: (Hangover) Chicken Pepperoncini

Picasso said, “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.” I stole this recipe out-and-out by flirting with a line cook. (OK, I was MUCH younger then.) So, with my confession out of the way, I will give a shout out to the real Picasso, my former employer Kelly Sample, who owns Cucina Tagliani restaurants located in Glendale and Peoria, AZ....more

Quick Fiction

Quick fiction stories - they could use editing and improvement - but they were off the cuff & meant for fun!---------------#1...more
@neekswrite Thank you so much for the comment. I really appreciate it.more

Sandwich Night

“Two nights a week I cook.  Two nights a week he cooks.  Two nights we go out.  And one night is sandwich night”Do you remember this line from the movie, About Last Night?  This particular conversation was about cooking.  But last night, Colby and I had a similar conversation about sharing the responsibility of putting Hunter to bed....ContinueLanita Moss ...more

Thanks for the Mammaries: Thoughts on the Mammogram

Going for the annual mammogram today....more

You're So Wrong! Food Myths and Misconceptions

Adding salt won't make the water boil any faster, you can take mayonnaise on a picnic, and go ahead and swallow that gum—it doesn't take any longer to digest than anything else you might eat.Let's face it, sometimes common wisdom isn't all that wise. Then there are those infernal enemies of truth—of course I'm speaking of tweets, like buttons, and repostings. They carry the misinformation to the masses, and the next thing you know you've got yourself a new food mythology....more