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Another Post About Reusable Bags

And here's another thing about plastic bags. At the Windfall Market (our town's independently owned grocery store) they deduct a nickel off your total for every reusable bag you bring in. Let's just say up front that a nickel is not much of an incentive to begin with but - I would argue that when I do remember to bring in my canvas bags I can fit four times as many groceries into them as I would be able to get in one plastic bag. So shouldn't I get 20¢ per bag instead of just 5¢? Shouldn't the policy be a nickel for every plastic bag I am saving the store by not using? ...more
touché! @Denisemore

We Don't Need No Stinkin (Reusable) Bags

Today's revelation -- you don't need to remember to bring your canvas bags to the supermarket. You can just walk in the entry and fish a plastic bag out of the plastic bag recycle bin! I did it today. Works great! Sure, the store bags aren't as flashy as my own reusables but it sure beats trying to carry everything to the car or stuffing it in your purse at self check - which is not only inconvenient but also looks kinda fishy.I plan to use the tactic on a regular basis - and hopefully embarrass my children with it....more
yup. same here. @Denisemore

I'm cleaning out my closet but I just can't get rid of these......

Wow, what style! What is also amazing is the facial reconstruction from one photo to the next. ...more

Ice Capades

After our trip to Jamaica got cut short, (see “No Problem” My Ass for back story) we decided to dive right into winter when we returned home....more

America's got talent

Middle of the Road

Welcome! To both of us. This is my initial post to this blog and I am happy to have it underway. I initially wrote 'thrilled' but really it's a bit nerve wracking; either I am writing to myself or someone is actually reading this. But as my wise New Year's Eve fortune cookie said last night, "Everyone likes progress, but no one likes change." So this is me taking my own advice and forcing a fork in the road. Hopefully my stumbling illuminates a path, making it easier for other people to give it a try. (Yeah, that wasn't so bad.)...more
Exactly! I think we are on to something. :-) Today was much more enjoyable since I had that ...more

It’s all in a Day’s Work

Thank you, Awkward Black Girl, for making me feel a little less awkward....more

New Year's Resolutions Are Made To Be Broken

Dear Mouthy Housewives,Every January 1st, I make a lengthy list of New Year's Resolutions for myself. It's usually stuff I think I need to work on like "lose weight," "get in shape," "be a better mom," "get organized," etc. However, each year I fail to make it even a couple of weeks before I break all of my resolutions and go back to my regular, lazy ways. Any advice on how I can be more successful this go-round?...more
Brilliant. I've got #3 down pat. Resolutions are for suckers. See what ...more