PMS Now Has TWO Meanings?!

I have never suffered from PMS. Ever. Until about 2 years ago. Then, seemingly overnight I became a wicked, nasty person at least once a month. How is it that I managed to escape my entire life without suffering from PMS and then KABAM! out of nowhere not only do I have it but it's nasty....more

Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man

Let me preface this post by saying that I love my husband to death. I do. I don't know what I would do without him, and he's oftentimes a better man than I feel I deserve. I'm damn lucky, and I acknowledge this. That said, some of the crap he does is absolutely asinine. I know I mentioned the mouth-mind disconnect in The English-to-Man Dictionary, but some other things just reach far above and beyond my capabilities of understanding. ...more

Christmas Observations

I've made some observations this Christmas.  Nothing earth shattering, nothing that important, but, in my experience, true nonetheless.Check them out here:  http://bipolarknitter.comHope your Christmas was bah humbug free....more

Hello, hello, hello... what a wonderful word, hello....

As my husband, Marc, and I were preparing breakfast yesterday morning, the phone rang.  “I’ll get it,” I called out and walked to the wall were it hung.  “Where is area coded 705?” I asked, right before picking it up. “You got me.  Probably a solicitor,” Marc replied as I grabbed the phone. “Hello?” I said....more

Santa "ALWAYS" knows what a girl wants. Hint: It's leak-proof protection.

Twas the day before Christmas, and all through Target…oh, who am I kidding? I can’t rhyme this stuff.  I just want to comment on it.This Christmas, give the gift of super-absorbancy....more

Best Dressed

I live my life like it’s a small, cozy closet. I only have room for so much. I want to fill my closet with beautiful things. Things that make me feel good when I put them on.  That bring out my best features. That promote happiness and love. And those things I’m not crazy about – those things that don’t make me feel good, heighten my defects, and dampen my mood – well, they’re promptly hauled out to the trash. In my closet of life, Negative, Jealous, and Mean aren’t welcome. I simply don’t have room for it....more
My closet says, "Hello World!" It is very colorful!more

Panic or Laugh

 My Two Urchins!...more

Wearing tampons as shoes will not win you Oprah's love. Not even close.

James and I own a teeny tiny restaurant in a really, really old building.  The plumbing is stupid, as most plumbing in old buildings is.  I don't want to get into too many details, but about an hour after I got to work tonight I smelled like a sewer, I was covered in black sludge, my lips were blue and I had bar towels taped around my feet. I went in the bathroom and scrubbed some of the black sludge off of me, and doused myself in diffuser oil to cover the smell. As I walked out, one of our customers stopped me......more

I'm Rich Grinch

I have an alter ego that surfaces every year around this time as I get frustrated, overtaxed, and worked up with this tradition of ‘buying presents’ for Christmas. Her name is Greta Grinch... and she makes me ponder ...  Who started this whole gift exchange thing during Christmas?...more