The. Best. Gift. Ever

At the end of 1995 my husband and I packed up our home and daughters and traded in our California lives for a new life in New Hampshire. So my mother would not miss out on any of our adventures, I would email her daily about my new friends, new house, my daughter’s nursery school and surviving the brisk New England winter with my southern California jacket.   I would write about a variety of subjects: our day trips to Maine, what I burnt for dinner, possible explanations on why my girls weren’t napping and most importantly, when oh when could she fly out and see me?...more
Love this. It brought tears to my eyes! I hate clutter and don't need much of an excuse to ...more

Middle School Vogue

I pride myself on being a reasonably fashionable person.  I make an effort to keep my clothes up to date, my hair in style, and my makeup fresh.  So, it is with much angst that I have watched Elliott slip into the sloppy styles sported by her middle school friends....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

The Break Down of A Wine Bottle

We all do it. Okay, well most of us do it.We have those moments where we rush to our wine rack, or to the nearest liquor store and grab our wine of choice, then proceed to drink it (however you wish, of course).  Generally, this action occurs after a rather intense day (or maybe morning, if you see fit), sometimes in celebration, or sometimes for no good reason at all.  I don’t do this nightly, or daily by any means.  This intense ravaging of my wine rack happens only on very special occasions....more
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technology rehab

When I was growing up, we didn’t have cell phones.  We didn’t have email.  What we did have, located in the smack center of our house on the kitchen wall (adorned with 1970’s fern wallpaper), was a regular home telephone....more

Green Thumb on Vacation


Yes, I'm A Mother. And No, I Don't Cook.

I know I'm supposed to be feeding my kids home-cooked meals made from organic vegetables grown in my own garden, but here's the thing: I hate cooking. (And gardening, too.) I'm actually truly, truly grateful that I can buy things like prepared chicken teriyaki at my local bulk discount store. I love that my daughters' busy schedules of after-school activities forces us to eat out several nights a week. And I'm very thankful that I married a man who can cook (although, sadly for us, his work schedule prevents him from doing so every night)....more
It's great that you don't like to cook! It's a stupid steriotype that women (especcially ...more

The Little Things

It happens a couple times a year. The day my Mom died. Her birthday. My parent's anniversary.Special days that mark the beauty of the short life she lived here. I tend to reflect.Maybe because it reminds me that life is short.In a blink of an eye your life can be turned upside down. Between the 30th day of August and the fourth of September always brings me a few days of just that.****It was a hot day. August 30th, 2001...more

Meet Bipolar Knitter

Hello, there!I am Bipolar Knitter, known in some circles as Amy.  I was diagnosed with BP II about ten years ago, and it's been up and down (ha, ha) ever since.  I started my blog, Bipolar Knitter (formerly Pregnant Bipolar Knitter) when I was pregnant with my third child and having severe mental health issues....more

A Handy Guide for All Our Sitters

Hello, hello! So glad you're here!Now please, oh please, pull up that chair And listen well, I won't say this againYou may just want to grab a pen The twins wake up so they can feed,Then Matthew's up, oh yes, indeed Now you've got threeBottles, juice, and scrambled eggies Then it's poop, poop, poopIn a continuous loop Make sure that they're clean and dryAnd now it's time for SuperWhy No, don't sit down, there is no point...more

Seeing is believing

The day was endless.  Hours were spent preparing the house for the pending hurricane.  My husband Marc and I were exhausted. Muscles I didn’t know I had hurt.  But, just when we thought we were done, and that the day couldn’t get any worse, we learned we had to evacuate our house.  At that moment, we knew our work only begun, and we had hours of tasks ahead of us.Needing a break, Marc, my mom who was visiting from out of town, and I headed to a local restaurant for dinner.  As my mom and I chatted, Marc fidgeted a little with his phone....more
@victorias_view yeah.... but we have to catch them in the act.... otherwise they would never ...more