Standing in Line with Boris

 I ran into Boris again, the third time it's hap...more

Driving to the Altar

I love cars....more

In the Event of My Disappearance...

Well, the moving issue has again reared its ugly head. Though, with a little time and distance, I've made some peace with it. I think it might actually be okay were it to happen.Though let's, just for shits and giggles, dive on into the depths of my irrationality about all this...I've sat straight up in bed, in a cold sweat, thinking about these things. (Don't laugh. I'm serious.)And, though most of it is tempered now, I do think you may enjoy frolicking in the brambles of my mind, at least for a little while......more
Big moves are very scary! We moved half way across the country over three ago and survived...I ...more


I was just pondering some of the things we (women) say to each other when it comes to fashion.  There are some pretty standard comments we make as part of our meet-greet with our girlfriends.  However, I'm thinking there is some hidden (true) meaning in the "Girlfriend-ese" we use with one another, and I just wanted to share some of my "what I was really thinking" insight.                                ...more

On The Road to [Anchor Bay] Gualala, CA: Unease and Romance Sampled

On the road again, for a relaxing, quiet weekend at a B&B by the ocean, with my hubby, my Lancelot Knight (all to myself). Oh-yeah…! But the drive to our bed and breakfast has an eerie tale that put slow fear in our hearts and our minds far from ease…and we’ll not soon forget. And as I write this account, I shiver remembering!...more
Karen, thank you for such kind and uplifting words. Your timing is absolutely incredible, ...more

You Got the LOOK I Want To Know Better...

Okay lets see who is hip on their 80's. What was that the jingle for? YUP JORDACHE JEANS! You are probably wondering why I am throwing out that random bit of trivia. ...more
@victorias_view They have been stashed away somewhere along with Oh La La Sasson and Gloria ...more

Hell On Wheels

I'm not quite sure how to express just how much I despise grocery shopping, especially when it involves a 3 year old and a 15 month old. I've suffered through the usual tantrums over wanting a toy. Crying over seeing the fish tanks that run the length of 3 aisles, which means a separate tantrum each time we pass them. Madelyn's desire to "help me" by grabbing things off the shelf of throwing them full force into the cart....more
Oh, honey. I'm laughing right now because it's so true!!! I hate grocery shopping so much that ...more

Gorillas, Swords and Marijuana Don't Mix

When I started as an officer in Small Town, I was quite naïve about the effects of illegal drug use. This quickly changed as I patrolled the streets.A few months into my career, while working the night shift with Sergeant Spears, we stopped at Shop & Go for a cup of coffee....more
@isthisthemiddle I do but I still get surprised!more

5 Ways to Break Your Own Heart

Sometimes, you can break your own better than anyone else.   I learned from experience that there is an art to sabotaging your chances for authentic love.  Below are some classic moves which you can employ to keep yourself  perpetually heartbroken: 1....more

My Introduction to BlogHer

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