Chasing Sparrows

Tonight has been a bit of a downer for me. It is probably part of the whole depression I have been feeling about our living situation. Rather than focus on the negative and the feelings of frustration and sadness I have been experiencing tonight, I thought I would tell you about our rooster instead. It will be worth it, I promise....more
He is a hoot to watch. We actually don't hear him much in the house, thankfully. more

Hope I'm Not Too Late: Thanksgiving Food & Fashion

I hope I’m not too late, but I wanted to share some last minute Food and Fashion do’s and don’ts for Thanksgiving.  Perhaps you don’t need to hear any of these yourself, but you may be able to pass these tips on to someone less fortunate. If you are on a diet during Thanksgiving: ...more
LOL! I actually look forward to growing old and wearing a velor gym suit wherever I go ;) Have a ...more

NaBloPoMo 21 & 22

For some reason I couldn't get onto BlogHer yesterday, so my posting didn't get put up.  So today I present the links to both yesterday's and today. for following along with my blog and NaBloPoMo!...more

The Power of a Name


Yeah, I Said It...I'm Excited About Christmas

I was really, really trying to sit on this post until the day after Thanksgiving. It's been in my Drafts folder, whispering minty, Christmasy nothings into my ear. And, if this impatient, fat, lazy, hedonistic society has taught me anything, it's not to delay gratification. So here we are. I won't beat around the proverbial holly bush...I'm so excited about Christmas this year!I know, I know. You probably want to stone me or tie me up and lock me in a closet until January 5, and that's alright. I'll just celebrate in there....more

Occupy This!

  Found this picture on Facebook....more
I think they were too. But they went in at 4:00am (the day before yesterday I think) after only ...more

Pregnant Meaning Moments

This morning I was up particularly early as a carpenter was coming to see what he could do with the mess G. and I made on our home reno's in the basement.  (And no, this did not just involve me with a paint can and chop stick)....more

You want one, you know you want one

Let's all rush out and buy at least one of these. After all, what faith witnessing compares to the kind you can do via your sweatband?  Regards,Katharine...more


 I wore a strapless bra to school the other day owing to shoulder-and-sleeve complications concerning my sweater. It wasn’t anything sexy; I couldn’t be that lucky. (Quite the opposite, in fact.)  When I got home, I slipped off the bra and draped it over the wastebasket next to my computer chair. Whew, that felt better.  As my idol Anissa Mayhew said the other day on Facebook, "Taking your bra off at the end of a super long day is quite possibly one of the best feelings ever."  I'll say.  Yowza.Then I forgot about it....more
@alienbody Thank you so much! I consider it a great honor that you wanted to link to me!more

Everywhere a Llama, Llama- NYC

Since Saturdays are slow traffic days because, apparently, everyone else has a life and friends and stuff, I am going to share with you every single llama that resides within the American Museum of Natural History in New York City... because, I took pictures of ALL of them. Every single one. You'll come to find that I have a bit of a fixation on llamas: ...more
@Denise My blarg is full of them, and you might very much enjoy this: ...more