Wordless Wednesday: Growing Up

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Thoughts Every Girl Has When Going to the Gynecologist

Oh, crap.  I have my gyno appointment today.I HATE the gyno.Once a year is one time too many to be violated, poked and prodded with cold metal objects.Guess I should probably shower, huh?Ugh, I need to shave.  This poor doctor doesn’t need to be subjected to my winter stubble.I’m shaving and now I’m putting lotion on.  I feel like I’m getting ready for a date.Well this kind of IS a date....more

Lazy Hippie Mama: In Haiku (Nablopomo Day 13)

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New Year's Eve with a vacuum, laundry and Brooke Shields!

Happy New Year!  Anyone recovering from too much happy? My {first} husband and I found ourselves flying solo new year's eve when we our kids were going to be at sleepovers. So at 11:40pm, after a quiet dinner out with friends,  I vacuumed the stairs, washed a load of Christmas towels (yes, I am that mom) and ran the dishwasher.  Oh, and I finished Brooke Shields auto biography, There Was a Little Girl....more

Mundane Monday

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This Totally Counts! (Nablopomo Day 11)

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Want to know who I am? A sense of humor required.

Name: Andrea or AnnieAge: 34 but could pass for 33Location: Albuquerque by way of Alaska by way of New OrleansStatus: Married to a 6’5″ hippyMother;loves “Judge Judy”Buys clothes based on boob appealWould Bop/Marry/Kill “Dexter”Has an unnatural attraction to Vincent D’Onofrio and tall gingersOwns a dogIs owned by a kittenInstagram is my favorite appFacebook is why we are losing the battle to the robots.I am on the bored of a childhood cancer foundation....more

Parenthood: It Doesn't Get Easier

There is this interesting phenomena that occurs about six months into your stint as a parent....more
I love this! Nothing is ever easy, and when it comes to parenting everyone wants to claim the "I ...more

I spent the vacation in my blue flannel pyjamas

This is the only way to spend a winter vacation with a house full of rowdy kids. Wearing flannel pyjamas ( God bless the inventor of flannel). I planned on not taking them off (except to wash them). However husband refused to be seen in public with me wearing them, so I had to change to attend a couple of dinners and a wow birthday party. I think I could have pulled it off at the birthday party though, I mean Mickey Mouse was wearing his red pyjamas I don't see why I couldn't wear mine. Okay maybe they weren't pyjamas, but they looked it....more