Guessing Doesn't Change Anything

“Right after surgery…on all of those drugs, I dreamed I was in a forest filled with butterflies roasting marshmallows with Bob Barker.”...more

More Martha - Someone Stop Me!!!

More Martha – Someone Stop Me! Sorry for the repost – Bluehost is driving me crazy!...more

In Defense Of Spam

In Defense Of SpamHonestly, I don’t know why other bloggers don’t like their spam. I quite frankly find it tremendously entertaining. While I do have a blocker for it, as well as one for hate mail (which just deletes so stop writing, Patriot haters!), I sometimes scan the spam file for fun....more

Wasted Wishes

Jealousy Is Such An Ugly Feeling

Jealousy is such an ugly feeling....more

Confessions of a Non-Ina Fan

Confessions Of A Non-Ina Fan I can’t stand Ina Garten. There. I said it....more

Downton Wthdrawal - Wah!!!

Downton Withdrawal – WAH!!!...more

Oh, Gwynnie, You Little Minx, You

Oh, Gwynnie – you little minx, youReaders, I have a confession to make. Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP newsletter has led me down a dark path. It has been a short hop to her gift guide....more