Occupy This!

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I think they were too. But they went in at 4:00am (the day before yesterday I think) after only ...more

Pregnant Meaning Moments

This morning I was up particularly early as a carpenter was coming to see what he could do with the mess G. and I made on our home reno's in the basement.  (And no, this did not just involve me with a paint can and chop stick)....more

You want one, you know you want one

Let's all rush out and buy at least one of these. After all, what faith witnessing compares to the kind you can do via your sweatband?  Regards,Katharine...more


 I wore a strapless bra to school the other day owing to shoulder-and-sleeve complications concerning my sweater. It wasn’t anything sexy; I couldn’t be that lucky. (Quite the opposite, in fact.)  When I got home, I slipped off the bra and draped it over the wastebasket next to my computer chair. Whew, that felt better.  As my idol Anissa Mayhew said the other day on Facebook, "Taking your bra off at the end of a super long day is quite possibly one of the best feelings ever."  I'll say.  Yowza.Then I forgot about it....more
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Everywhere a Llama, Llama- NYC

Since Saturdays are slow traffic days because, apparently, everyone else has a life and friends and stuff, I am going to share with you every single llama that resides within the American Museum of Natural History in New York City... because, I took pictures of ALL of them. Every single one. You'll come to find that I have a bit of a fixation on llamas: ...more
@Denise My blarg is full of them, and you might very much enjoy this: ...more

Nine Days Later

http://thepoetinyou.typepad.com/the_poet_in_you/For the sake of good blogging, I keep you apprised during this month of slow germination and  NaNoWriMo. It took a little while before things started to stir in the three beds that I planted....more

OMG, I Think My Toddler Can't Stand Me

I have two boys: a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. I stayed at home with them after they were born, but a few years ago I decided to switch careers and went back to school. In order to study, I send the 2-year-old to the babysitter (my neighbor) for an hour and a half three days a week while my 4-year-old is at pre-school. That way I can catch up on homework rather than stay up till 2 a.m. However, since I started sending him in September, he began to hate me! He doesn't want me to talk to him or touch him and all he wants is his dad from the moment he wakes up in the morning till he goes to bed at night. When my husband is home, the little one clings to him like glue! I am sad and hurt. Help?...more
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Less Than Appropriate Thanksgiving Fun

I like to terrorize my Thanksgiving guests and make them DO things before they can have their dinner.  Because I use up all my creativity drawing stupid pictures and joking about horrifying genres of porn, my staple torture device is "The Hand Turkey." If you are unfamiliar with the hand turkey tradition, you are either not American, were home-schooled, or may have some sort of memory disorder.  Basically, you trace your hand, and make the tracing into a turkey. Very complicated stuff....more
@victorias_view I figure, I cook for everyone, the least they can do is amuse me.more

Hello. My name is DJ and I’m a Google addict.

It started out so innocently. One day I needed to know something. I don’t remember what it was now, just something trivial I suppose but at the time it seemed important. I had heard of Google before, but I’d never used it. I had used MSN and Yahoo, and they had never held too much appeal, so I figured I could try Google with no problems The internet was right there at my fingertips....more
Ha, ha... I loved this post, because I, too, believe am a "Google addict." Whenever a questions ...more

Pete and Repeat Were on a Boat...

We've entered the lovely period in our lives as parents when our darling toddler son begins to repeat everything we say.Which is good, especially when we prompt him to say thank you, hello, Bless you, goodbye, or please. Makes me proud.When is it not so great?-When you realize you're at the end of the last can of Enfamil and it's 9 o'clock on a Sunday night, and you parted ways with your bra hours ago.-When he decides to jump in and give you a hand changing his diaper by wiping his tush with your freshly changed sheets....more