Huh? What?

Being in midlife and caring for aging parents can be a circus. Or maybe a merry-go-round that's not always merry?Mom is 81, and Dad is 86. They live about 10 minutes away, in their own home. Steadfast Hubbie, my stalwart brother John, and I try to make life a little easier for them, but sometimes that works out better than others....more
@isthisthemiddle me too!! nodding...more

Anger, Fear, or Joy?

There have been nights when my poor husband Danny has come home from work and found me in the same position as when he left; still stooped over my keyboard. After promising to finish in a few more minutes, I have often typed for another hour. Giving up on being served a home cooked meal, he sauntered across the kitchen and opened the empty refrigerator. “Were you planning on eating tonight?” he asked politely while staring at the empty shelves....more

Uno, Due, Cha-Cha-Cha!

“Uno, due, cha-cha-cha!” she shouted.  “Sinistra! Destra! Cha-cha-cha!” Hubby and I struggled to keep up. We could hardly see the petite woman at the front of the crowd. Thank goodness she had a microphone.   Too bad we don’t speak Italian.  “Uno, due, girarsi!” I heard through the music. Luckily I saw her hand/arm motion, spinning above her head....more

Stories Of Me #1

I've been thinking for a while that I might want to share some random stories from my life on occasion. This morning, I decided it was time to get started, and see what happens. :)...more

New York: Secrets Revealed- The Garbage Monster

Living in an elevator shaft under Time Square Subway Station, there is a Garbage Monster....more

What To Do When A Doctor Is Pushing Sex Toys

I haven't been very good about going to my OB since my son was born. I even lost his number. So I Googled him and I found out he now sells sex toys out of his office: things like vibrators, cock rings and… butt plugs. Oh my gosh. Should I find a new OB/GYN or is this kind of thing okay? ...more
Man, I really WISH my ObGyn would sell sex toys! What a great idea. That would sure make going ...more

Mad Methods: First, Get Their Attention

When you come visit my house, you may be shocked to see People magazine on the coffee table.You may think “But Melanie is a certified egghead-intellectual. I expected to see first editions of Proust, Tolstoy and Hemingway. How can it be that a woman of such high intelligence reads low-brow People magazine?” I know, right?...more
Ha, ha... Well, they are taking your class and not studying to be tailors! @isthisthemiddlemore

GERD is No Joke

The ghost of a tuna fish tried to kill me last night while I slept....more

Special Secret Family Recipe

Any time I hear about meat that is made from a "special secret family recipe," my brain immediately translates that as "IT'S MADE OF HUMANS!" See more at!...more

Donna Reed would slap my face

Me: What are you doing?Alex: Ironing my jeans.:::Blank stare:::Alex: I didn’t dry them. They’re wrinkly. :::Blank stare:::(Insert awkward silence as I watch Alex actually iron his jeans. Like, for real.)Me: Why would you ever do something like that? I don’t understand.Alex: I know.Me: That’s not something I would ever do.Alex: I know. I love you anyway....more
Running helped me get through some difficult moments in my life. Keep it up. You won't regret it.more