But I Digress...

Articles that someone is going to read, &*%@ it!!! Below are articles that I've written for local newspapers.  They were supposed to make me rich and famous.  If nothing else, they were fun to write, somewhat personally cathartic, and, in one fell swoop (is there any other kind of swoop?) I was able to embarrass myself across three counties, simultaneously.  (Usually, I am only able to embarrass myself one town at a time.)  So, without furt...more

That was cute :)
I like your writing style. If we can't laugh at ourselves then who will, ...more

A Call for the End of Birthday Party Presents

Having my kids attend birthday parties is a budget item in my life – one that is expensive, and annoying, and time consuming. And so, I make a call for the end of having to buy other kids birthday presents. Below, I have drafted an email that I plan to send to any parent who invites my child to a birthday party, effective immediately. Feel free to use this email in your own social circles. I like providing useful tools like this to my friends....more
Kids can split their birthday money with a charity. They give half to a charity of their choice ...more

Duchess Tissue Box


Top 10 Bad Ideas For a Blog Post

OK, so I'm feeling a little uninspired blog-wise.  I'm digging deep for something to write about, but it's just not coming.  And as much as I poke my daughter with a cattle prod, she's just not coming through for me with anything good....more

Not a good sign if you are stumped already :)

I think if you carve out some kind of mission ...more

Do you see what I see?

When my husband, Marc, and I were staying in Manhattan, we went to a Mediterranean fish restaurant whose specialty was preparing whole fish.  The menu featured a few typical choices, such as red snapper, Dover sole, and trout.  However, the majority of the items were exotic fishes, from across the world, that neither one of us recognized. Since we were going to share a whole fish for dinner, Marc and I were studying the menu together, pointing out fishes to get each other's opinion. Marc pointed one out to me, and asked, "What do you think this means?...more

Doing the Don'ts

I've never been a rebel, but there is rebellion in my heart.  Just ask my 10th grade English teacher.  She read the journals into which I -- straight-A student and card-carrying Good Girl  that I was -- spilled all my secret fantasies of rebellion.  (I saved the really juicy stuff, however, for my secret journals at home)....more

Walking with the enemy....

When it comes to selecting shoes, I go by the old adage, it is better to look good, than to feel good.  As a result, most of my shoes look really pretty, but they are anything but comfortable.  Case in point.... These are one of my favorite shoes, look wise that is.  I brought these shoes to the city with me to wear to one of the cocktail parties we had to attend, along with a gray pinstriped suit.  If I was smart, I...more

Ouching Tiger, Hittin' Dragon: A Special Needs Mother's Take on the Tiger Mom

By now, you've probably heard of Amy Chua, the "Tiger Mom"....more

Paradigm Shift

I have lived in Temecula for 12 years now. Twelve years. That's a long time to live in one place. Within a year or two of moving here, I discovered something marvelous about my neighborhood: there are things that I can count on. Predictable things that happen every day -- like clock work. ...more

Moving Requires Lots of Lube

Okay, so I guess it's getting to be the time to let the cat out of the bag. No, not Zombie Kitty, though she did get herself into a bag inside a box this morning... anyway. I've mentioned bits and pieces here and there, but with the subject matter of today's post, it's time to go ahead and let it out....more

Like you, I've moved a lot and the military always paid for my moves - and then I had to start ...more