Ode to Bacon

Bacon in the morning,Bacon at noon.Bacon is so goodHe sends me to the moon.*With sincere apologies to my many friends and family members who do not eat pork on moral or religious grounds.  Truly.I don’t eat bacon every day, nor every week.Most months I do eat some bacon either on its own or as seasoning, especially in soup.  ...more
Never apologize for indulging in our known "stimulants!" @isthisthemiddlemore

Letter to the Dog

Dear Fluffybutt,...more

When Your Family Gets Bounced From The Nobel Peace Center

It seemed like a good idea at the time, taking the kids to the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway.  According to the website, this was a place where "children of all ages gather to have exciting, thought provoking and fun experiences."  But our family never made it past the museum shop (where there was an unfortunate incident with the peace soccer ball display)....more

I am a pioneer dream woman.

Me: Babe, I am every man’s dream.Alex: Um… yeah….Me: I’m blonde, I bake bread, and I appreciate video game time. Am I right?Alex: True…but you are wearing a hoodie.Me: Yeah, but I’m not wearing a bra.And that, my friends, is how you win an argument....more

Cheer Up... Things Could Get Worse.

  One day I sat thinking, almost in despair: a hand fell on my shoulder and a vo...more

It's all brown to me.

For quite some time, I thought my husband was just difficult intermittently.  Yesterday, I was driving him to a business in the next town over.  He had been there before and I hadn't.  Remembering that I am neurotic, I get a little anxious when I don't know exactly where I am going.  Remembering that I live in Montana (which is code for The Wild West), we went from being on a modern paved road to a scary dirt/rock road in the matter of a turn....more

Bumped into Camus the other day...

Accidentally bumped into Camus the other day, a dangerous thing to do on a balmy summer night. But he was sitting there with nothing else to do but open up to me. Egad. Camus....more

All Moms are welcome...except for me!

The Uber-Moms at Bubba's school don't like me. Sure, they've never said it out loud, but I can tell. I just get that feeling that I'm a little too "untraditional" for their tastes.. What is an Uber-Mom? First of all, she's very put together, even at 8:30 in the morning. She's the Mom that is on every available PTA committee possible. She's the Mom that has the principal's direct number on speed dial and does not hesitate to use it. She's the Mom who will bake 100 gluten-free cupcakes at the drop of a hat complete with dairy free icing....more
I wish you best of luck! Some of the uber-Moms can be very frightening! I hope you wear each and ...more

Sex, Lies, and Pictures of Sick Cats. (Part 1)

The story that started BadDateGreatStory.com It was 2008, I was six months out of my first serious relationship, and the closest thing to “dating” I was doing was two coffee gatherings with a writer (shocking) 14 years my senior, who never called again but did send me adorable slash mildly exploitative photos of his hospitalized cat (see: image here: http://baddategreatstory.com/?p=879). On top of this, word on the street (ie: facebook) was my ex was dating someone seriously, and I thought: well these times, they are getting pretty desperate....more