The Day My Life Changed Forever

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt was: Has anything traumatic ever happened to you? Describe the scenes surrounding a particular event.The Day My Life Changed Forever ...more

Non-Confrontational Guide To Getting Your Waitress' Attention

My waitress at lunch today was pretty damned inattentive.  Thankfully, she got back to us before I got to the cacophony....more

Why Do They Think We're Stupid??

Okay, so I went grocery shopping the other day.   And one of my biggest pet peeves was brought forefront with a BANG to my brain as I went home and looked at my receipt!I shop at a well-known chain of grocery stores, which I shall not name.  Well, okay, I will.  But only because I know that they are not the only store that does this.   I like this store, I have grocery shopped at this store for years and will continue to shop at this store ...more
We were just discussing this a couple of weeks ago when the regular price of Starbucks Frappes ...more

Pizza! Pizza! - Easy! Easy!

Today is the third day for posting a food-related photo duo. The subject today is that well loved All-American Canadian food - Pizza!  As with yesterday, the two items I will show you come from http://thisiswhyi' Unlike yesterday, neither one of them is in any way disgusting. LOL. In fact, both items are, in my opinion, ingenious....more

Book Clubs? I am So NOT A Fan.

Thanks! I started getting worried I was offensive in the post...but after trying several times ...more

Green Sandwiches & A Mug With A Plug

I was debating calling this post "Co-Worker Proofing Yourself" but the tell-all title (much like yesterday) won out. It just seemed to sound a bit better. In a bizarre way.  In any case, today we have two pictures again that I found independent of each other (on the same website but not side by side or in any way matched up) that I thought shared a theme in common....more

Why the long face?

Sometimes really cheerful people say really inanely stupid things when they should probably not talk. ...more
Smile... That was pretty funny.more

I'm Worried My Friend Is Making Her Kids Sick

Life is complicated. Thank goodness there are experts to help us untangle some of the vexing issues that, well, vex us on a daily basis. The Mouthy Housewives are here on BlogHerMOMS to help, three times a week. Email your pressing issues and questions to to be answered in exclusive posts on Fridays. Today, we share the newest Mouthy wisdom on offer. ...more
My Chicken Farmhouse cheeks the icon. How does a potato break the rejected paradox? My ...more

Kevin Bacon Strips & A Fanta Sea

So today I have no cute, funny animal pictures to show you. These pictures, from FB "randoms" again, are still funny though. Just no animals involved.  It's a stretch, but what they have in common is they both are indirectly related to food and drink... and they are both obviously created by people with wacky minds....more