Something is missing.

My child was left behind at her grandparents...otherwise known as one person: Gramapa. I work tomorrow morning at a job that only uses me when needed, thus being completely pointless and really only a means of making some extra cash which in this going towards a savings fund of my next tattoo. I suppose that is one of many ways in treating myself. Mind you I am 21 with a wonderful little booger brain about to enter the phase of toddler-hood. I would say I am a unique mom but how many other young mothers have we seen out there these days. ...more

Public Embarrassment: Blame it on the Kids!

I have embarrassed myself many, many times in my life but never seemed to do it right until I had kids. Pregnant with my first child, I was adamant no one but my husband be present in the delivery room during my labor. I was so innocent and modest at the time.Twenty hours into labor, my modesty had been completely thrown out the window. A nurse stepped into the room to ask if we would mind if a few nursing students observed my delivery....more

Tips on How Not to Blow Your Budget with Back to School Shopping

Ah August. The sun is shining, the grass is burning, the flowers are blooming (or wilting) and we all feel the winds of change off in the distance. It will be back to school time in just a matter of a few weeks for many students....more
@aitch Yep. Brown lunch bags aren't just for lunch anymore. They're great for helping you when ...more

The Good Thing-Bad Thing Principle

Newton's Third Law of Motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.For the purposes of this discussion, however, I would like to extend this in another direction.If I may...For every freakin' adorable thing Matthew does, there is an equally mean/sloppy/disruptive thing soon to follow.This is what I call the Good Thing-Bad Thing Principle....more
Hahaha! Oh! It's only going to get funner! I never want go back to that magical age of 2 with ...more

Mr. and Ms. Communication

I am a typical female.  I hear 95% of everything anyone says, I process it in my chaotic, busy brain, I store it in the appropriate compartment or break it down into lists, all the while talking a mile a minute and carrying on a witty conversation.It’s how my brain works.  It’s how most women’s brains work....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

Motherhood. The End of Dignity.

Lemme tell ya a little story....more

Customer Disservice

If you have the excellent fortune of knowing me personally, you will know that I have rather strong feelings about the way I (and others) should be treated when bringing my (or their) money into any establishment that trades goods or services for said money. ...more

We Get Blonde with a Little Help from our Friends

Baby Boy has become quite curious lately as to why things are the way that they are. To wit: "Why is it windy?" "Why does that tickle?" "Why does Daddy's tummy looks like it has a baby in it?" Today he was asking why people are different colors. "Well, that's the way god made us....more

the movie

The other thing that's hard about raising girls is having "the talk". My husband refuses to have anything to do with it ("You're a girl, she's a girl, it's your job"). Fortunately there's "the movie". For those of you who haven't dealt with it yet, it hasn't gotten any better since I was in elementary school..... My daughter saw "the movie" in fourth grade. When she came home from school, I asked her if she had any questions. "No" "No?" "Nope, I'm good........" But I could tell there was something on her mind....more


One of the hardest parts of raising a girl is dealing with b-o-y-s. Most importantly, dealing with how dad deals with boys. We have a lot of kids in our neighborhood, and they've spent most of the summer running the streets, playing soccer and riding bikes and playing tag...but in the past couple of weeks, I've noticed a change. At the beginning of summer, my daughter would play outside occassionally - she enjoyed playing with the neighbors, but there were plenty of other things to do  as well....more