I've been working harder than Ron Jeremy's thingy-ma-bob

Blimey, the last three days have been a bloody whirlwind, so sorry if I haven't been over to visit your blog. I've been busier than one of Paris Hilton's condoms.  You know that I put my London house on the market on Thursday? Well, by Friday afternoon I had two viewings arranged for Saturday morning; one at 10am and a second at 11.15am....more

Bloody stupid 'smoking rules' are introduced in the UK

The most ridiculous ruling on the planet has just gone into force in the UK. As from next year, it will become an offence to display cigarettes in any shop; they must all be kept hidden under the counter. I thought about it, and the more I did, the more ludicrous the ruling seemed. Exactly who was the ruling targeted at? And what did they hope to achieve? After much deliberation, I narrowed it down to two specific groups: (1) potential impulse buyers; and (2) current cigarette smokers....more
do you know Maltapuff ?it's a 100% natural product to quit smoking, a lot of people use it in ...more

Hack Attack

Do you worry about the tabloids digging through your garbage, hacking your accounts or stalking you with a camera all in an effort to catch you doing something really naughty? No, you say. That’s too bad--how boring. Hey, who are we to talk, our lives aren't too exciting either, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t super-cautious when it comes to protecting our privacy. We shred sensitive papers.  We use different passwords for different accounts, which we frequently change....more

Lady Gah-ga...

I wanna say I get it. But I just don't. I mean, yes. She is a performer, she is controversial, she is a freak...all things that I totally appreciate. And... She can sing. But the whole package together just totally overwhelms my senses. I just want to run away screaming. I am sure that what it comes down to in the end, is that I am getting old, and she is a younger generation thing. Right? It's me isn't it? I mean I have never really seen her talk when she didn't seem like she wasn't sort of in her own little universe. I am sure it is lovely there, really... ...more

Get it, Got it, Good....

I was at work the other day, when my husband, Marc, sent me the below email (OK, I edited it a little – but just a little).  To: Hilary @ workFrom: Marc @ work Here is a blog for you…. My husband, Marc, is on the Board of Directors in our fifty unit home owners association.   Although he is involved in pretty much everything, his main role is landscaping and architectural project approvals. ...more

But, sadly, I am sure I will soon find out... For a girly girl, Marc has sure made me a ...more

The Eiffel Tower

I find balance in imbalance.Maybe it’s because I live with such chaos is my life, or maybe it’s because I am just a little nutty and I have just adjusted over the years.  But, this is more about my aesthetic sense and not my insanity.I like to think of myself as an amateur interior decorator.  I’ve spent years decorating my own houses, and a part of me always gets depressed when I complete a project because I can no longer be obsessed with paint chips and fabric swatches....Continue...more

My mother's thing is straightening pictures on the wall. We don't leave them purposely crooked, ...more

Man alive. Welcome to the dodgy jumper club

Last weekend I was visiting my cousin Jane and cooing over her five-week-old baby, Mitchell, when she asked if I wanted to see all the lovely baby things that she had been given. ...more

There were too many trees in the Forest

I woke up to something rather unusual this morning....... sunshine, that's bloody what. After weeks of grey cloud and rain, it was fabulous to finally get my share of the big warm yellow thing that normally hangs around in Australia and California. I immediately hatched up a plan. It involved being outdoors and playing with gadgets, so it was almost as good as a 'Hot and Spicy' pizza from Dominos. Yep, I decided I was going to take my new Canon S95 to nearby Bernwood Forest to play with the settings. ...more

I do not know what that setting is either, but I like it!

BlogHer Community ...more

Exercising in the ‘Hood

I decided that I had been off the exercise wagon long enough. The excuse I was using of my husband’s surgery and my surgery had worn out, so I was left with no choice but to get back into exercising. Plus, seeing that number on the scale creep back up is enough to make me lose my appetite. The really frustrating part is no matter how much I scream at the scale, it is never intimidated. Since my husband is off work from his surgery, I decided I would just walk around our neighborhood while he watched our son....more

Practicing 'Warrior' Faith

I used to 'date' this guy that I met at a 'wing ding' - a hole in the wall type restaurant that sells chicken wings.  We met when I was in law school and although our romantic relationship did not last, we remained friends.Once, during one of our dating periods,we had a conversation about me being worried and stressed out about something.Now, he and I rarely had any conversations of substance, so this was rare.   He was not the type of person that I would normally go to for advice, he was a playboy generally not interest ...more

I love your comment "when we pray, we are expecting God's (best) outcome." So true.