Cats Being Sneaky

  The following is a two item series of pictures that show cats being, well, sneaky.   <...more
Thanks Denise. That's sad in a way but kind of cool in another. That means this post was read ...more

Job Security

For Halloween, I was a Vomit Spewing Mummy. To be accurate, I was a Mommy with a stomach bug or food poisoning or something possessed my body and created a cross between The Exorcist, Saw and Faces ...more

Nutty in the Family Tree

In doing a little genealogical research, I discovered that a possible relative from the 1500s got into trouble with an ax. According to the records, he killed two people with the ax, and his brother helped him bury the bodies.He was hanged. His brother was found not guilty.I am not a violent person and don’t believe in solving problems with violence.However, I am in menopause. I have had more violent thoughts in the last year than in all the 53 prior years combined....more
@HomeRearedChef Oh, boy, howdy, yes!more

How to Survive a Plane Crash

How to survive a plane crash in 8 simple steps that anyone can follow:1. This is the most important step, which is why it is number one-As the plane is falling from the sky and crashing into the ground, DON'T die.If you can't even be bothered to do that, then further advice is useless.  You have to really be committed to the "not dying on impact" directive....more
Hahaha! I don`t think I`m ready to hop on a plane for a long time! I keep thinking of Lord of ...more

Now That I Can...


Road Rage

At the red light, at the exit of my office’s parking lot, I slowly edged out a little bit, trying to see if I could make a right turn onto the main road.   The road was packed with bumper to bumper traffic.  I made eye contact with the driver who was stuck where my traffic light was.  He was unable to clear it due to the congestion.  I didn’t expect the driver to be gracious and let me pass.   ...more
@victorias_view You rant about the school crosswalk? Really? You do??? I just don't understand ...more

Brown Eyed Girl

“Ok, Hilary, I will email you the link for you to post your discounted ad,” my Monster representative told me on the phone.  “If you have any questions, just call me back, and I will walk you through anything you need.” As I said thanks and goodbye, I received her email.  I clicked the link, and was able to quickly paste in my help wanted advertisement.  I swiftly navigated through the subsequent screens, and put in my discount code.  Practically done, I selected my payment method and began inputting my credit card information. ...more
@Forever 17 OMG! I love that too! I can see myself doing that... Actually, I am shocked I ...more

Why You’re Not Married And Don’t Give A $#^*

In February of this year, Tracy McMillan wrote a blog post listing six reasons why so many women who want a husband are still unmarried. The post, which went viral, resulted in a book deal. Now there's talk of a TV show. This is my rebuttal. ...more
This article is completely, totally, 100% me and I am SO HAPPY that I found it.  Seriously, this ...more

Tissues and Tylenol

Funny thing.The past month has been particularly dreadful, for a host of reasons, topped only by a family-wide illness and my laptop squealing, then failing, in my lap.There is a significant upside, though. A very unexpected one. My family's bonding.I know what you're thinking. How could we have gotten this far and not bonded yet? I probably have a few good reasons, or rationalizations, or what-have-yous, but that's not why I'm here....more