Let Sleeping Dogs Lie ... On The Couch ... With A Pillow

So here's today's quota of pictures. Perhaps the title told a little to much of the story but I still think it was the right one. Lays it all on the line. Besides what it didn't tell was how I managed, and so close together, to find two pictures of virtually the same unusual - or what I consider unusual anyway - event....more

Saturday Funnies

Remember the Good Old Days when you loved Saturday’s for the Cartoons and the Comic Section in the Newspaper, oh wait was that Sunday, well anyway,Here is my version!If you have read my blog long enough you know I like to share my Email Gems!  I have a group of email buddies and we send each other those jokes that most people choose to delete.  It is a shame you delete all of them.  A good laugh or even a slight smile does a lot for the soul.  Take a moment to giggle! ...more

What to do with all that leftover Halloween candy........

Mary-Leah Moorewww.chaostimessix.blogspot.com...more

The Finer "Points" Of Reproduction

Hello. Today's picture follows along the lines of the one from two days ago....more

The Mouse in the House.

There's a mouse in my house, which is difficult for me, because while I don't want vermin in my house, I like mice a lot and I don't want to be part of crushing their little skulls or otherwise ending their lives just to rid my house of creatures that are probably going to give me the plague, or Ebola, or some variation of mouse-related cancer. But, if they would meet my demands, they could totally stay....more
I would not like a mouse in my house. But if they insisted in cute outfits I might tolerate one ;)more

Hey Jealousy

I find jealousy to be a completely useless emotion. I don't know if I've been naive or just clueless my entire life, but I've never been a jealous person, and when presented with the opportunity to be jealous (like when I see someone with thick, long, shiny hair), that's not where my mind goes. Ever....more
Great Post! Jealousy really doesn't get you anywhere and just makes you look insecure in the ...more

Knit One, Pearl Two

I like to think of myself as a crafty person.  I can cross-stitch, needlepoint, make stained-glass, sew on a button, and hot-glue anything as well as Martha Stewart, but there has always been one craft project that I miserably fail at…Knitting....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

Cats Being Sneaky

  The following is a two item series of pictures that show cats being, well, sneaky.   <...more
Thanks Denise. That's sad in a way but kind of cool in another. That means this post was read ...more

Job Security

For Halloween, I was a Vomit Spewing Mummy. To be accurate, I was a Mommy with a stomach bug or food poisoning or something possessed my body and created a cross between The Exorcist, Saw and Faces ...more

Nutty in the Family Tree

In doing a little genealogical research, I discovered that a possible relative from the 1500s got into trouble with an ax. According to the records, he killed two people with the ax, and his brother helped him bury the bodies.He was hanged. His brother was found not guilty.I am not a violent person and don’t believe in solving problems with violence.However, I am in menopause. I have had more violent thoughts in the last year than in all the 53 prior years combined....more
@HomeRearedChef Oh, boy, howdy, yes!more