The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

It was a few days before we brought our cat, Alex, in to have his tail amputated. He was frantically scratching and biting at the tumor on his tail. My husband, Marc, and I attempted to stop him from further hurting himself by putting a cone on him. He wasn’t happy, and neither were we. In fact, we were worried sick.   Marc and I were sitting at our dining room table, both pounding away on our laptops....more
@victorias_view It would have been quite the sight... It is funny, a few weeks after, we were at ...more

So You Think a Fish Is an Easy Pet, Mom?

The wall of tanks started to swirl together before me. Like fly-vision I was seeing hundreds of identical images. Despite how dazzlingly confusing just picking a tank was, there also seemed to be some digital ticker tape of the cost of all this flashing behind Fish Geek’s head. The numbers multiplied the more she talked.At this rate we’d get one goldfish and have to decide whether it was Kate or Paige who we could send to college. I was starting to wonder whether we should’ve gotten pre-approved for a loan before entering the fish store....more
@The UDG Ha! My sister bought some guinea pigs for her kids and I loved that they fed them ...more

Damn You, Anne Geddes

I've been under the mistaken assumption, for the greater part of eight months now, that my twins would provide our home with a warm glow of twintasticness, entire days slipping by as we gazed in awe of their adorable antics. I was nearly certain we'd spend all our free time taking pictures, cooing, and posting album upon album of them to Facebook. People would literally gag on their cuteness....more

Do I Come Off Like A Husband-Stealer?

I find myself going over to talk with the men more and more often at neighborhood parties and BBQs, because I enjoy talking to the dads more because they're funny and they discuss sports and movies, not potty training and sleep habits—which I get more than enough of. My husband doesn't care, but some of the women have started joking that I'm "after" their husbands. Should I just stay in the kitchen with the women and not make waves?...more
I used to do this because business gossip on the men's side of the room was better than tennis ...more

I'm Just Sayin'

I hate the phrase, “I’m just sayin’.”  It all started with a 30-something, passive aggressive, former colleague.  She would always use it after she appeared to be playing devil’s advocate in a debate.At first I found it humorous, but after repeated uses, I found it condescending.  The more our working relationship deteriorated, the more she used the phrase.  Besides being unprofessional, I found it a snarky-covered sign of disrespect....ContinueLanita Moss ...more

A Few Reasons I Don't Really Miss College

As I was driving my children to my parents' house yesterday, I noticed on the highway a compact car, five deep with Brown freshmen. It was obvious because he had a giant "BROWN" sticker on the back window, out-of-state plates, and each of the occupants had fresh pimples. Plus, the driver had no idea where he was going.For a split second, I thought, "Oh, wow! To be back in college..."And then I thought about it a little further...I don't know about you, but this is how college went for me:...more
I'm jealous you had a car to drive! I was not as fortunate we had a steep hill to climb every ...more

Life and Death: Haunted by a Squirrel

Yesterday, on the drive to piano class, Julia and I were taking notice of everything Fall. Piles of leaves. Pumpkins on porches. "Mom, look at that scarecrow!" "Aw, that's cute. Hey! Look at those squirrels. They're chasing each other." And just like that, they ran out into the road. The chase narrowly escaped an oncoming car, but the chaser, unfortunately, didn't. I sucked in a sharp breath and clapped my hand over my mouth. ...more
Just read your posting and it took me back to when I lived in Boston and the squirrels seemed to ...more

How To Get Wheel Chaired Off A Plane And Avoid Walking Like The Suckers

There are things I recommend and things I don't, and one of the things I don't is getting yourself into the situation I got myself into on Sunday night. I should say we got ourselves into, because I was not alone in this. Here's the truth: I was sitting at dinner with three other people on Sunday evening about 5:00 pm, and we've ordered six plates between us--three were appetizers and one was a salad but still, six plates of food and this is to say nothing of the four beers. (One each). It's not like we've ordered lightly, either....more

The Power of a Pedicure

There is something elemental about a pedicure.  Not the neon bright colors that often adorn the toenails, nor the callus grater they use to scrub the skin to baby-butt soft, it’s about touch.  Pedicures are about making a human connection.  That and the opportunity to have your toes look like a traffic cone.As a mother, it is often hard to justify an hour of the day devoted to self.  The guilt overshadows the need for rejuvenation....more

Rules of the Road.

If we weren’t in a Babylon standoff, this would be a good time to make casual mention of the professional camaraderie he shares with my late husband. Even mentioning the fact that he is my “late” husband might be helpful. Except that right now it doesn’t really matter what I have tucked away in my arsenal of feminine wiles because it is clear that he is not amused.At all....more