BOOZE OR BACON BLOG: (Hangover) Chicken Pepperoncini

Picasso said, “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.” I stole this recipe out-and-out by flirting with a line cook. (OK, I was MUCH younger then.) So, with my confession out of the way, I will give a shout out to the real Picasso, my former employer Kelly Sample, who owns Cucina Tagliani restaurants located in Glendale and Peoria, AZ....more

Quick Fiction

Quick fiction stories - they could use editing and improvement - but they were off the cuff & meant for fun!---------------#1...more
@neekswrite Thank you so much for the comment. I really appreciate it.more

Sandwich Night

“Two nights a week I cook.  Two nights a week he cooks.  Two nights we go out.  And one night is sandwich night”Do you remember this line from the movie, About Last Night?  This particular conversation was about cooking.  But last night, Colby and I had a similar conversation about sharing the responsibility of putting Hunter to bed....ContinueLanita Moss ...more

Thanks for the Mammaries: Thoughts on the Mammogram

Going for the annual mammogram today....more

You're So Wrong! Food Myths and Misconceptions

Adding salt won't make the water boil any faster, you can take mayonnaise on a picnic, and go ahead and swallow that gum—it doesn't take any longer to digest than anything else you might eat.Let's face it, sometimes common wisdom isn't all that wise. Then there are those infernal enemies of truth—of course I'm speaking of tweets, like buttons, and repostings. They carry the misinformation to the masses, and the next thing you know you've got yourself a new food mythology....more

Cheesecake & Restraint - Never the twain shall meet...

Busy, busy, busy <----My day. Lots to do. Although, you wouldn't know it by the rate at which I am moving. By that I mean, I'm NOT moving - just the fingers, across the keyboard...and an occasional scratch or wiping the sleep out of my eyes. Coffee appears in my hand, but I'm not entirely sure how it got there. I might want to be careful about what I type, since only my fingers are awake and lack the filter my brain often provides. brain will get over it, I'll just buy it a drink and tell it how smart it is. ...more

Obsessive-Compulsive Blogging Disorder

My name is Allie and I have OCBD, Obsessive-Compulsive Blogging Disorder....more

Mommy's Sippy Cup

I have a summer cold.  It sucks....more

The Golden Egg That Ate The Goose

You no doubt know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk - magic beans grow a vine that reaches toward the lair of a giant who lives among the clouds (the hooch back when this was written must have been gnarly good). So, Jack climbs the vine to discover a number of items, one of which is a goose that lays golden eggs. I have a point, really. Not entirely sure you will understand it....more

It's only words...

...and words are all I have, to take your heart away! (Thank you Bee Gees)Words to steal a heart are so much less messy than knives or swords or what have you.Like how I took endearing song lyrics and associated them with some barbaric serial killer sort of act?Ya, I knew that you would. You is MY kind of people.Although, truth be told...I can't watch those icky slasher movies.I'm a wimp to the nth degree.This post is not about blood spurting hack-'em-up slasher movies.This post is about words....more