Keep Calm And Carry On "So then what did you do? Did you just get your things and leave?" "Pretty much. All I had was my purse." Pause. "And half a sandwich. I went back to the break room to grab a sandwich I had delivered from Jimmy Johns. I kept asking myself, is this all you have? Is this all you have? It was pretty humiliating."...more
@Bertski That sounds deliciously dangerous!more

I have been violated by Hugh Hefner the Lizard!

 So what do you get when you mix Hugh Hefner,...more

A Visit to the Spa - Um, what's the going rate on sexual harassment?

A local salon was having a special on massages so I decided to check it out.  Upon arrival, they gave me the standard paperwork with the standard disclaimers to fill out  – list any medical conditions, medications, you’re on we are not doctors, etc.  So I get to the last pages and there’s a contract.  The contract essentially says, “In the event that you sexually harass and/or assault your massage therapist, the massage will end immediately.  You will be responsible for the full price of the massage and gratuity.”  Which got me to thinking – ...more

The English-to-Man Dictionary

They say marriage is an intimate dance between two partners. It is. It's the Chicken Dance. Drunk. In heels.They also say men and women think differently, as if it were some sort of a myth, or something we need to fix. Well, it's not. And we don't. We just need to know how to translate....more

Something Unexpected

The courtship with my husband, Colby, wasn’t typical. It wasn’t boy in bar + girl in bar = boy meets girl. As everything else in my life, meeting Colby wasn’t that simple. Our meeting was the stuff movies are made of....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

You Found WHAT at the Dollar Store???

I will start out by saying I love the dollar stores. I seem to always be broke, and the various dollar stores around really help me out with the kids' lunches, my snacking habit, and cheap meals like pasta with spaghetti sauce. So, seeing as I don't get paid until Friday and the kids needed lunch stuff now, my sister and I headed to the dollar store yesterday to stock up....more
i have to say that the pregnancy tests really do work i took 2 the day before i went to the ...more

Sisterhood of the non-traveling pants

This is a pretty exciting day for me, as my dear sister is moving back to the valley for the summer with her fabulous hubby and baby-to-be.  This means I will have TWO of my fab four sisters in my immediate vicinity, one big sister and one little sister.  Just a couple more to get over here now…...more

A Very Short Blog About Osteoporosis and Brad Pitt

I just want to say that I like Brad Pitt. OH, and I also liked the post. *Smile!* ~Virginiamore

5 Things to Learn from a Mama Cat

Recently, Zombie Kitty became a mom to 4 beautiful Zombie Kittens. The runt ended up dying after a few days, with left us with 2 ginger kittens and a black and white kitten. I've been watching Bones with her babies for the last few weeks, and realized that there's much to be learned from a Mama Cat....more

How Well Should We Know Our Babysitter?

We have an incredible babysitter. She's our neighbor's teenage granddaughter and she is just the sweetest thing. Here's the rub: We have no idea what her last name is. To be honest, we use her only maybe 3 or 4 times a year and our kids are school-age, not babies. But it hit me the other day that we're leaving the kids with someone whose last name we don't even know! Does this make us terribly irresponsible parents?...more
Finding a babysitter can be a little overwhelming. But figuring out where to look and what to ...more