Have iPod, Will Give Birth

The playlist is the one thing about childbirth that I can control. And I'm sure most people reading, especially those who have given birth, are thinking "You won't even remember to bring your Ipod to the hospital, and you'll be so consumed by the Harry-Potter-Cruciatus-Curse-like-pain of childbirth that you won't even be able to hear music above the sound of your own screaming."...more

That's a great list. I'll have to remember some of them for my next one. "New Soul" was on my ...more

Prowler Power

Normally, when we come home from dinner out with friends, my husband, Marc, and I are usually tired so we head directly up to our bedroom and watch a little TV.   We never decide to start and watch a movie.  The other night was different.  As soon as we walked into the house, Marc said to me, “I don’t feel like lying down.  Let’s watch that new DVD.”   And, rather than first going upstairs to change out of his clothes and brush his teeth, he just plopped himself down on the couch....more

we just let them think that... It is all part of our master plan (insert evil grin)more


It’s been a year in the making. There have been numerous emails, phone conversations, and spreadsheets. My daughter has become an expert in event planning. My husband now resembles Spencer Tracy and Steve Martin in the “Father of the Bride” movies, and our bank account is similarly depleted. But through it all, I have remained calm, detached, and blissfully ignorant, because it is a “destination” wedding, and I am not anywhere near the “destination.”  But now the event draws very close. There are suitcases in the hall. I have made a detailed list of chores for the dog sitter....more

In Frickin' Stone

Amy Ferriswww.marryinggeorgeclooney.com/blog...more

Fish Stick Friday

Fridays always remind me of fish sticks.  I’m not sure if it’s because the cafeteria at school always served fish sticks on Friday, (or macaroni and cheese) or because on Fridays we often went out for fish sandwiches. ...more

Surviving 5 Kids and Dieting

Six months ago, I convinced my husband to single handedly lug my very old, very heavy treadmill from the basement to a prominent spot in the living room. My reasoning? No way could I exercise in our dark dungeon of a basement because I wouldn't hear the kids if they needed me. He protested that it would look tacky, take up too much valuable room, and go unused anyway. Unused?! Oh the indignation! I assured him that with the treadmill so readily accessible, I’d be back to the size that I was when we got married in no time. I would simply work out every day during nap time while the children slept. And I that’s precisely what I did—for about a week-and-a-half....more

And Then What Will I Do?

I am typing today’s post with sore and battered fingers.  No, I haven’t smashed my thumb again.  Well…I did, but it’s OK.  I’ve been building fence and tomato cages today.  Finishing up my garden fence and building tomato cages was just two things on my lengthy list of to-dos....ContinueLanita Moss ...more

Urban Dictionary defines me...

a girly-girl/tomboy who, while into fashion, shoes, and the latest celbrity scandals, is also capable of telling you the difference between the jeep wrangler rubacon and the normal jeep wrangler. look at her in her prada shoes talking about trucks, she is such a redneck princess....more


A special Guest Post by Morgan Shanahan @the818Third degree tears....more

this is brilliant. may have been humiliating to write but on behalf of all post-partum women ...more