Smart-Stoopid is the New Skinny-Fat

Skinny-fat.  You've heard the term?  It's when you fit into your skinny jeans but you barely have enough muscle to pull them up over your tiny rear end....more

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

The day after I did the Brazilian Keratin treatment on my hair, I decided to do a major cooking. I knew that due to the procedure, I wasn’t going to be able to put my long hair in a ponytail or behind my ears. So, to keep my hair away from my face, and the food, I decided to put on a bright orange, college hooded sweat shirt, so I could tuck my hair inside the hood.As I pulled out the pots and pans to make my vat of turkey meat sauce and black bean soup, I was very happy with my creative solution....more

Why I Left the Catholic Church

The real title to this post should be, "Why I Left Saint Thomas for Saint Paul."As an attempt to get out of the house and do something for myself for the first time since having my two children, I joined the choir at Saint Thomas Catholic Church where I had been married five years earlier and a parishioner for twelve years. The fact that singing with a group of elderly strangers was my best answer to combating the monotony and boredom of motherhood, proves how intense the desperation and delusion of staying at home all day with a two and four year old was for me....more

As a Catholic turned Lutheran (have to please the Baptist raised husband) I can relate! ...more


Easter is upon us and for many Christians it is the holiest day on the liturgical calendar. Better than Christmas! But for the sect I belong to, the one that spends about 75 minutes of church time celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus versus weeks of shopping for goodies to fill a deceivingly large basket, Easter is mostly an exercise in contradictions....more

As a lapsed Catholic myself, I completely relate to the contradictory nature of our Easter ...more

No, I don't write adult content...not that there's anything wrong with that

I'm a freelance writer and I'm working toward a master's degree. There's some thought among my instructors that if you get paid for writing, your work is far less important than the books of prose and poetry they are paying to have published. They write for art. I write for...(spit at my feet) money. They write for the appreciation of the word. I write for that horrible green stuff. So, they've prostitutionalized what I do. (How's that for word art? I created that one myself! Yay me!) ...more

Court Jester

Recent topics in the news (hello, government shutdown) have made me realize that I am actually a non-essential government employee.  Does that cut me to the quick?  Not really.  I'm not that sensitive. ...more

Times are a changing

When I first arrived in the Caribbean for my business trip, about a month ago, I thought my cell phone automatically adjusted to the local time.  However, as I started to answer emails on my Blackberry, I wasn't so sure.  I couldn't quite decide if my phone displayed the local time, or my home town's time.  Since I had nowhere to go, until early the next day, I wasn't too concerned. Later in the evening, I was able to find a location where I could access the internet wirelessly.  The computer I was using displayed a time, however, like earlier, I wasn't sure what...more

Next time maybe you should try Ebay instead! more

I'd probably sleep more if I was expecting a visit from the Wrinkle Fairy

The Easter Bunny will be dropping by to fill my daughter's basket this year. Judging by our conversation tonight, it will probably be the last year. "Mama, in a way the Easter Bunny is better than Santa because kids don't have to stress about how good they've been. I mean he doesn't bring Nintendos or anything. It's just candy." Hm. She's right. ...more

The kids think they have the house wired :O They are always much better behaved closer to Easter...more

Starting the Day with a Bang

When my son was a month old, I decided to take him and my squirrelly 21-month-old daughter to the zoo. It was the biggest undertaking I'd attempted with both kids at that point, since it entailed a lot of running around on foot/bjorn/stroller, and also involved several feedings for Austin and lunch for Abby. In addition to my usual morning chaos compounded by packing up our entire home to bring on the outing, the cleaning lady was at the house, making maneuvering a challenge....more