From zits to wrinkles, freckles to fungus...REALLY?????

I'm All for Botox,wrinkle cremes and whatever else may or may not work to keep women looking ...more

Tomato Soup - A Cautionary Tale


Back to Oxford, back to civilisation .... apart from Naughty George honking

Hello Dahlink, I am so sorry that I haven't been around for most of the Christmas period. I was like a flitting social butterfly, spending most of my Christmas and New Year flapping between northern cities beginning with 'L'. My last post talked about me leaving Leeds at Christmas, and then I went back to Oxford for a day or two, after which I left for Loughborough to celebrate New Year. ...more

Returning to Oxford didn't go well

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, it was caused by a combination of two factors. Firstly, I was busy having a great Christmas, and secondly I was up North, where the primary form of communication is still carrier pigeon. ...more

So Glad you stopped by !

Yesterday I had another run in with a D2D....more

Today, I Am a Champion

New Year...New Panties

Despite the fact I don’t really make New Year resolutions, there is something fresh about a new year. It’s almost as if the weight and worries of last year have been removed from my shoulders. Like most people, I would like to lose weight, exercise more, spend more time meditating, and make more time with my husband, but why is it we think about all of these things all at once, in January, and not in March, or July, or September?...ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood...more

Goats who stare at women

I have never blown up a goat. ( shut up I haven't)Recently I finally saw the movie " Men who stare at Goats" and  I wanted to punch my TV  admire the genius behind that piece of shit that only works because of the actors amazing film.  I need to point out that I am indeed an insane woman and horrible mom   Expert in the realm of all things Goaty.I have painful memories extensive experience when it comes to Goats....more

I'm Not a Clever Candy Bar Stasher

When you started living on your own, did you ever do anything stupid? Like, really, really stupid? I did (and not just in the "dated a LOSER" way, although I certainly did that too!) And Sexy Nerd is never going to let me forget it. Geez, I was stupid. Perhaps I'm not the only one though. Let me ask you a question......more

I started laughing about as soon as I saw the pic.
Yup, "warming drawer"...I store my cookie ...more

One plus one equals confusion

After Alex our cat, was sick about a month or so ago, he became very finicky with his diet.  He decided that his prescription formula, the one that he formerly loved, needed some spicing up....more