Never dumpster-dive for plastic containers. (Warning: Immature language.)

Getting older is not for whiners. Since my late 40s, midlife health concerns have included thyroid imbalance, elevated blood pressure and creeping weight gain. A couple of mammograms looked iffy but turned out to be OK. The asthma could be better.Mostly I’ve handled these issues with equanimity. But that was before the doctor ordered me to spread my own poo on a chemically treated card.For three days in a row. Oh, and I wasn’t allowed to ingest citrus, red meat or ibuprofen beforehand....more

"Our Potty Princess"

I have a couple more weeks to be a stay at home mom with Peanut while I finish orientation duties for my new Urgent Care position.  I feel so lucky to have this time with her, even though some days I feel like I spent 90% of my day trying to prevent head injuries for this rambunctious child, who feels the need to jump off of everything. Peanut is adjusting well to our new home, and even said, “This is our house inCalifona!”  So, we’ve got an adjusted child, a short-term stay at home mom, and diapers that are th...more

JCK gets Jiggy with the DMV

When JCK awoke yesterday to another crystal clear blue sky, the first thing she thought was...What a perfect day to go to the DMV! She was more excited than a High School Pep Rally. She bounced out of bed, showered and even put make-up on. Wow, who is this dark eyed woman?...more

Dear Grumpy Old Men...

Please don't come into our store expecting us to bow or grovel at your feet (unless you are Sir Bob, he is the only exception) even though I am sure in your little world you are someone as you say that you are, I don't know you from Adam, in the 7 years I have worked there I have never seen you before which means you shop there pretty much never and I am NOT allowed to give you a discount. My bosses totally agree with me on this one, I asked. ...more

Amusement Parks: The Rides Are Only PART of the Amusement

Truly a reality TV show could be filmed daily at amusement parks.  I never realized the name  "Amusement Park" could be so literal until last year's October trip to Walt Disney World with my husband and kids.  A woman, clearly not an American, was wearing spandex pants.  And she wasn't exercising or on her way to the gym.  But that is not the worst part.  When she bent over to attend to her children, the material went see-through and we were all treated to a Halloween G-String.  The pants were pretty much nonexistent.  As in INVISIBLE!...more

A Love/Hate Relationship

Summer and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that it is warm and we can come and go as we please without the constraints of the school year schedule. It is cheaper to dress my kids in the summer: no tights, no layers, no socks and around the house and yard: no shoes. I do well and keep the kids happy and busy for the most part, especially in the beginning of the summer. We do story time or activities (free!) at the library, go to the beach, the pool, shopping, out to lunch and playing in the backyard. We play games, watch movies at home and do arts and crafts....more

Somedays maybe you should just stay in bed

Seriously, it has been a rough couple of weeks. Between work, construction at the house, Alex, our cat’s tail amputation, and a revolving door of house guests, I don’t know if I am coming or going anymore. I am beyond the point of exhausted. But, as we all know, life doesn’t stop if you are tired, and there is no rest for the wicked.  ...more

and he sure had to use all the self control he could muster not to.... It couldn't have been ...more

Beach People, Beach People, There on the Sand

Husband and I are on the beach this week, our first getaway in about 3 years.  It’s also our 25th wedding anniversary, which is always something to be proud of (I write more on being married 25 years in another post).  Let me first say that we are staying for probably the 8th or 9th time at one of our favorite places – the Sanibel Inn on Sanibel Island, Florida.  The Inn is not the ‘fanciest’ or ‘trendiest’ place around, and that’s exactly why we like it.  It is old Florida at its best.  The rooms are reasonable (they’re running so...more

Hey Bright Eyes

It was a crazy day.  I had tons of things on my mind. Work.  Home.  You name it.  My to-do list must have been a mile long, but I felt like you needed a magnifying glass to find my accomplishments.  I pulled into the driveway, after work, to find my husband, Marc, standing outside.“Hey!” I greeted him, with a quick kiss.  As I took some packages out of my car I said, “I have to just log onto work for a second. I need to do one thing that I forgot about.  And, I have to send a few short emails out.”...more

I don't know who I am trying to fool.. I am sure not falling for it... But,it sounds ...more

Reason one: Why I should never try to be a Role Model

Being a parent is a responsible job, which is why I take it seriously some of the time. The way I see it, it's my role to ensure she is equipped with all the skills needed to turn her into a rounded adult (rounded as in 'skills' not 'body shape'). ...more